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High prolactin levels

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    mevs...dont ever call me lucky... maybe lowering protein is something i need to look into. how did you go about it??
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      MalPaz I can't remember if you mentioned coconut oil anywhere, I know you're on a budget for food though and have to be careful there. I LOVE my protein, steak/eggs/chicken thighs/pulled's my favorite part of most meals! So lowering protein isn't necessarily the easiest thing for me to do, but I'm not a body builder so I'd rather not eat like one (and my hubby certainly doesn't want me to look like one either).

      I've had success lowering my protein to between 60-75 grams per day by eating smaller (or "normal") sized portions of meat at each meal, 4-6oz, eating bigger portions of my veggies with whatever fat is on them (butter/evoo/etc.), and then having 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil mixed into a warm drink (coffee is great, tea is less great, hot water is definitely not delicious). It helps keep me full, adds a good amount of calories to my meal, and adds more fat rather than more protein. If you can up your carbs via vegetables and then fruits, making sure to eat them with fat, you might speed up getting your period back and gaining more weight.

      It completely makes sense that the presence of prolactin would cause your period to stop, since nursing mothers generally do not ovulate due to the prolactin in their body. Very interesting.
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        I am loving this conversation. Just because it shows.. again... how each of us need different levels of things and we can be doing everything "right" but it's not working for our particular body.

        I think it can be extra hard when you've got a male significant other for whom doing certain things works... and they don't understand when it doesn't work for the ladies. I do think that we (in general) need less protein and more fats.. and that most like has something to do with the whole child-bearing thing (whether you actually do it or not), and the hormones in our body that are continuously cycling and changing.

        In June when I start tracking again (I'll probably start a week before, jsut to get in the habit), I plan on really taking a look at my fat/protein/carb ratios. I don't have a problem keeping carbs down (if I avoid yogurt, LOL), but I do think I need to keep protein at a lower level than I have been and add some more fat. We'll see, but this conversation for sure has helped to bring some factors to light that may be issues.

        Love you gals!!
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          It was incredibly frustrating! I just assumed that doing the PB diet I was going to be able to eat whatever amount of protien without a problem, WRONG!
          So what I started doing was keeping track of everything I have been eating at That's when I noticed I was eating as much as 117 gr of protien daily. So I brought those numbers to my crossfit trainer and that's when he said to that I was eating way too much and that I needed to tone it down to about 70ish.
          I have a huge 2 egg, mushroom, spinach, tomato, serrano pepper, yellow bell pepper breakfast because it's my favorite meal of the day and I notice it carries me all the way to evening/supper time. I guess that's what made me think that I could eat as much meat, chicken or whatever protien I could have since I was only eating two meals per day.
          Although snacking on pork rinds, jerkery etc...definately had to stop.
          Thank you all very much for your input