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  • How do I get started....

    Hello everyone....I am just discovering the Primal do I get started.

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      Go through your kitchen and get rid of EVERYTHING that isn't REAL FOOD! It will be your start to feeling fantastic and then plan your REAL FOOD meals. Once you start changing over to real food.....everything will change for you! GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!


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        And don't forget to purchase the book!
        I grok, therefore I am.


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          Read the book.. live on these boards.. it will change your life...


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            I'd say take your time to read through as much as you can absorb, then go back and re-read stuff as much as you like. The stuff that didn't make much sense the first time through, since it can be kinda technical, does make more sense the better versed you become with it all. The biggest thing to remember is that it will take time to acclimate yourself to it all (what to buy, what to eat and how to exercise) and for your body to 'let go' of what it has become acustomed to for your ENTIRE life... just relax and take it a day at a time. The best thing to think is that you are one day closer to the healthiest you will ever get each day you follow the Primal Lifestyle.

            Follow the 'Primal Brick' road!!
            Yesterday is History
            Tomorrow's a Mystery ~ Today is a Gift...
            That is why they call it THE PRESENT