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Can I drink apple cider instead of beer?

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  • Can I drink apple cider instead of beer?

    I love beer and want to go without for 30 days to get My program started. Can I substitute with hard cider? The taste of gluten free beer is less than perfect!

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    I am only in my first month of primal, but I drink hard cider and am still losing weight. Just watch to be sure its hard cider and not apple ale (learned that the hard way and got pretty sick ). I have had Woodchuck (my favorite is the Granny Smith and the Amber), Angry Orchard, and I found a new one called Cider Brothers, all of which are gluten free and will clearly state that on the label.


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      Nice. Thanks for responding. I'm going for 30 days without beer. Wish me luck!


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        I think cider can be less bloating for those who are sensitive to beer. It's almost always all gluten-free so that definitely helps. It might be a good idea to cut down on alcohol consumption in general, but you don't have to address that immediately, especially if you are losing weight at a reasonable rate.
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          If you're trying to lose weight, just be aware that a bottle of cider often has more calories than a similarly sized beer. Lots of brands add extra sugar, which increases the calories - cider might come it at 200-250 calories for 12 ounces, where a beer is more like 150. I don't care for Woodchuck much, but I like Angry Orchard a lot as well as some of the imported brands - Magners, Strongbow, etc. There's also good ones from Canada and France, if you like drier, less sweet ciders.
          I've yet to see a cider that contains gluten, and I'm celiac so I check carefully.


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            There are some great hard ciders out there! Woodchuck lists the carb content on the label, and it varies quite a bit - like 17 - 33 grams.
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