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Doing Baby steps from Hong Kong

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  • Doing Baby steps from Hong Kong

    Hello everyone.

    I thought that I would finally introduce myself. I heard the Primal Blueprint a long time ago but it was not until Mark was on the Peter Schiff show and later strongly endorsed by Tom Woods that I decided to read the book.

    I thought that the ideas sounded very interesting and I was trying to get a friend and me to start it at the same time. I also talked to my mother about that since she has been on a diet for a long as I can remember. Both my parents are slightly overweight and been for a long as I can remember.
    Suddenly I had to go to live in Nanjing for one year and was sidetracked.

    In Nanjing lived on a highcarb diet and in the end I felt pretty unhealthy. I also drank tons and tons of beer. I grew a big beer belly which I was determined to at least trim when I returned to Denmark.

    When I came home my mother had lost weight, so much that I could be seen with the naked eye and not just on the bathroom scale. What was the secret? Low-carb-diet.

    I started on the low carb diet. I got up in the morning and made myself bacon and eggs. I skipped most of the rice and pasta at the meals for tried to cut down on my beerdrinking (I switched to red-wine)
    I got a bit of mindfog. However, I did like that felt full for such a long period of time. Also I felt that I could concentrate for very longs periods of time compared to before.

    Then I had to go to Hong Kong to study masters where I am now. I have gone away from the low-carb diet, but honestly I really dont like the normal diet now. I feel like i cant concentrate for very long at the time and that I start feeling hungry only a short time after eating. I even feeling hungry now at 23:40 although I ate at 19:00.

    So I want to give it another try. I want to get back on a primal/low carb diet. It is a challenge since i dont have alot of money. Also I have never been the athletic type. Ive had asthma since childhood and I did not like my classmates, so I also hated team sports.
    However, im pushing 27 and i realize that taking care of your health if extremely important for the future of my happiness over the coming years.

    So here I am, doing baby steps from Hong Kong.

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    Congrats! It must be hard to live so far away from home. I have been primal for 2 months now and my asthma is pretty much gone. Right now in Montana it is fire season and our valley is socked in with smoke. Ordinarily that would mean me coughing non-stop. This year nothing. I'm fine. You may find that your asthma improves as well.

    What are you studying? If you don't mind me asking.


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      I will study a master of arts in China Development Studies.
      I goes well with my bachelors degree, I did chinese and business.

      Can primal cure asthma? That sounds amazing, I will try to pay attention to it.

      I got a rice cooker yesterday, i plan to use it for making Choy Sum in my very tiny room.


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        Very cool area of study. Not anything I'm familiar with (my degrees are in science) but it sounds super interesting! Congrats on getting into your graduate program.

        I love chinese cabbage! Sounds like an excellent use of your rice cooker. Now I want cabbage....


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          I think location should not be a hindrance in achieving primal living but sometimes there's really nothing else left in the area to eat.