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Hello from the UK!! a brief intro....

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  • Hello from the UK!! a brief intro....

    Hey, thank for clicking

    Just thought I would introduce myself.

    My name is Amy, I'm 25 and reside in on a small island called the United Kingdom.

    A brief background on my life before finding this site and living Primal, I was an overweight teen, HATED exercise in any kind of form, preferring to waste time in front of the computer and stuff my face with chocolate, sweets and the like.

    A year or so ago, I lost my appetite which I think was stress related, and lost a load of weight, but in an unhealthy way. Since then I have put most of it back on, and though at 5"7' and 147lbs and fit into my UK size 12 jeans I'm not exactly obese however I felt unhealthy, sluggish and fed up. As a New Year Resolution I decided it was time to do something about it, and went on a "diet", restricting calories, and eating "healthy" following CW. However by July it wasn't working , I kept falling off the wagon (just like before) and turning back to gorging on sugary treats. I ended up gaining 7lbs from my supposed diet! Something is obviously not right here!

    I discovered the Primal lifestyle completely by accident (best accident ever). I was just browsing on Intsagram (of all places) and found some food images of a "paleo" dinner which looked god darn tasty and this piqued my interest, so I decided to investigate further. I came across this website (and a few others) and started my research. TBH at first I couldn't believe after years of ingrained CW that I could eat all this meat, fat etc and still be healthy and feel good, so I decided to try it out myself.

    On the 27th July I gave away all my bad food, grains, sugar, chocolate, anything that did not fit into my planned new lifestyle and then had fun shopping on the outskirts of the supermarket picking up delicious looking veggies, fruit and meat! I have been living the Primal lifestyle completely since then, almost a month! Eating good food when I feel like it, walking often, sleeping well, and I have never felt better!

    I have decided to join you guys and be vocal on here as I know no one else who eats like me, and CW being so ingrained in some of my friends they think its completely ridiculous what I'm doing.

    I hope to get to meet people of the same mind set on here, make some friends, and share our Primal Journey!

    Thanks for reading if you got this far, and introduce yourself!

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    Greetings from across the Irish Sea. Welcome and good luck! I'd say lead by example because it is not always easy and close relatives can drag you down for what is being perceived as "weird".


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      Hey Amy, good to see another UK member! Let your results speak for themselves.


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        I'm a Brit living in Canada and am also glad I found this - although I did dally with Atkins in the late 90's early 00's, so not a totally foreign concept for me, but I've changed to eating 'cleaner' foods and making better choices.

        Good Luck!
        Primal - June 3rd 2013
        Starting Weight - 150lbs
        Current Weight - 150lbs
        Goal Weight - 130lbs
        (Female / 5'4")


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          Hi Amy, good luck with everything, this is the best thing I've ever done, hope its good for you too. Owen
          Healthy is the new wealthy.


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            Hi we are in the UK too...and yes I know only one other person who has even heard of paleo/primal!
            Stick at it, change comes one person at a time.


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              Hi Amy, welcome to the forum.

              I'm an ex Brit myself, been living in Canada for 7 yrs now.


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                Hello everyone nice to see some Brits on here (I don't know why but I expected all Americans!)

                I'm trying to take the route of keeping quiet until asked, but I find it difficult getting off my healthy high horse!

                ~ Amy ~ Madmophead ~


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