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  • Hello!

    Hi everyone,

    I am so glad I found this community. I'm an ex-athlete who has been struggling with controlling weight and appetite for years. But all the has changed, let me explain:

    I started primal living about a month and a half ago. I was at that time a stalky 237 pounds. I'm 6'2'' and have always been muscular, but at this weight I was truly looking like a slob.

    A month and a half later of primal living, and I'm a trim 214 as of this morning and falling fast.

    Now that I'm living off my fat stores I have energy for days. I was groggy and tired all the time, feeling noticeably sluggish. Now I've had a complete 180.

    Another interesting this is that I have had a wart on my finger since I was a little boy. I've nuked it with liquid nitrogen countless times to now avail. But now it seems since my immune system is no longer fighting body-wide inflammation caused by grains, it has the spare capacity to tend to this pesky virus! It's almost completely healed.

    One final interesting bit is that I've chewed my nails for as long as I can remember, that is, until a month ago. I can only attribute this change to perhaps no longer experiencing sugar crashes and hunger bouts. Now that I'm satieted all the time, the anxiety/nervousness/urgency that comes from sugar crashes no longer compells me to start gnawing on my fingers.

    It amazes me how much this is all related. Oh and the working out barefoot is really starting to change my legs, in particular my stubborn calves, which finally seem to be popping out.

    Thanks so much Mark for the brilliant wisdom. You have truly changed my life!

    Keep up the good fight everyone.


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    Wow, Trav, congratulations! 23 pounds off in six weeks is a wonderful result. You must be feeling fantastic.

    Very interesting about the wart, too! I used to get them once in a while myself, along with other dermatological complaints, but my skin is flawless since going primal. It's amazing what your immune system can do once you lose the chronic inflammation.

    Barefooting is fantastic, isn't it? As your feet and muscles get more used to it, you'll feel lighter on your feet than ever before.

    Welcome to the community, and thanks for sharing your inspiring story!