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  • Hi there, returning with a question

    Hi there. I'm new to the forum and this is my return to primal eating since stopping when falling pregnant with my 2nd. (I suffer from HG so picking foods goes out the window, its just any food. I think if grokette suffered from it, she'd have come close to death without the drug help)

    I'm currently breastfeeding my 11 week old. I was going to wait till 6 months to restart primal eating but at 6/7 weeks I saw my weight starting to creep up again so I reintroduced primal eating early.

    My question is, I never get engorged. Even after sleeping all night. Occasionally I feel a let down but never as painful as it used to be. I just want to make sure that's normal and ok. I'm eating high fat to compensate. Lots of dairy (double cream, milk, yogerts etc) & nuts.

    baby is thriving and gaining weight. Always happy. As long as shes feeding well (I can hear her eating and she sleeps 10/11pm till 7/8am each night. I imagine if she wasnt getting enough she'd wake) is there nothing to worry over?

    I've searched a few times on here about it and usually its problem posts I have read. Just want to make sure I am not storing problems for myself in a few weeks time


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    Hi, that's fine, some people never get engorged. For most of us, engorgement settles down around a few months in, as supply and demand equalise.
    Have you seen the website I highly recommend it for any breastfeeding issues. It's great at providing expert reassurance for topics such as "Is my baby getting enough milk?
    Enjoy your baby sleeping all night while it lasts! (It may all change at the next growth spurt.)
    It sounds like you are doing really well. I wish I had known about Primal eating when my children were babies!


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      If your baby is gaining don't stress over it! It sounds like you are doing everything right.


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        I only ever got engorged when my milk came in, then on the very odd evening out (6 months plus) and then when dropping a feed whilst weaning. I fed 3 babies, the last one until 21 months with no supplements or particular problems-trust your breasts, they know what they're doing and if your baby is settled between feeds, sleeping and wetting nappies then all is well


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          Welcome Fliss, congratulations on your new baby. You are doing a wonderful job and baby is thriving so relax and enjoy it.

          One thing my uncle said to me, who had worked with dairy cows - second lactation is always better. Haha. But I think it's true, your body knows what to do and everything is working so smoothly it's a real blessing.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Wonderful guys thank you. Really should trust my body eh? Lol. Think I'd know by now. And thank you for the warm welcome. Am not convinced am at 80% yet with primal but am sure am getting there. :-)