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  • Back Again!!

    I feel sooo bad, I did so well with primal last year, got to within 16lbs of a weight that I would have been happy with...then let it all drift away when a chef came to live with us and took over the cooking! I still counted myself as primal...but with lots of cheats! So now I am back to the exact same weight I started at : 207lbs!! I want to cry every time I try to force myself into my very large jeans!!
    So I have been reading the posts again, drinking in the success stories...and thinking I will get things back under control when I get back off my holidays next Saturday.....but after reading more posts this afternoon I am not going to wait til Saturday....I am jumping back on my horse first thing tomorrow morning.
    My sons will be so happy....they loved being primal, it fits well with their crossfit lives. My husband also lost 35lbs last year, most of which has gone back on, so he will be right behind me too!!

    I love this site for all of the encouragement and kindness, so will be checking in regularly!

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    Good for you!


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      Welcome back!
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