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  • Hey there :)


    I am Amber, from Vegas. I am looking forward to getting to know more about the primal lifestyle. I am a big hot mess as far as my health is concerned, and I am trying to change that (overweight, thyroid, vit d def, gallbladder, name a few). I figure if I can fix the weight and diet issues, and start moving more, some of my other ailments will fly out the window.

    Additionally, one of my kiddos has anaphalactic allergies to soy and egg white. I had a recent incident (she ate a california roll, apparently fake crab meat has egg white in it ), and I just cant risk her life by eating prepared and processed foods. My other daugther has asthma (and its that season). So, this lifestyle is going to be beneficial to my whole family. I just have to get my husband on board lol.

    Anyhow. I look forwards to learning more and getting to know yall!
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    Welcome, Amber! It's good to have you with us. We specialize in hot messes!

    Your problems sound familiar and I think a primal diet will be just the thing for you. It will reduce systemic inflammation and calm down your immune system, which should be good for your thyroid and asthma. It will normalize your hormones which will also be great medicine for your thyroid and for draining adipose tissue. And I'm sure it will be equally good for your kids once you find the primal foods they go crazy for.

    Thanks for posting your background. Good luck and have fun!


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      Welcome Amber! I'm 5 wks in and feel so much better, you and your family will definitely reap major rewards healthwise!
      Went Primal: 3/28/2010 - 43 lbs lost!
      Over 15 inches gone!

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        Hi Amber! Lucky (or intelligent) you, your in the right place, don't expect miracles, but then again don't be surprised if you seemingly experience a few! I did.


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          Hi, Amber. I'm in Vegas too. Any encouragement or questions you think I can help out with, let me know. =)
          Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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            Hi Amber!

            Take a look at this study and see if Intermittent fasting can help you getting rid of your asthma.

            And welcome and good luck in changing you life to the better!


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              Thanks everyone

              i acutally just got back form the lab and picked up my dd's newest allergy test results (we retested after the fun california roll accident).

              shes officially allergic to rice and sesame seed now too.