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    Hi everyone. I am not exactly new to primal or paleo. I have most of the books, the cookbooks, the podcasts etc. I just can't get going even though I know that this is the way to go for me. Let me tell you about myself. I am a 45 yr old mom of 5. I am very overweight, insulin resistant, marginal hypothyroidism (low numbers but never been properly diagnosed). Highish cholesterol, enough for the doc to put me on a statin ( which I don't take). I hate the idea of popping pills for everything. I am on metformin which I take haphazardly. I also suffer from depression, ADD and acne which I never had as a teenager . I know I can deal with all this with food. As I said earlier I really am not compliant when it comes to pills.

    The problem is that here is so much information out there that I feel paralyzed and not sure what to do, so I don't do anything. Most of all I want to get healthy so that I can set a good example for my kids and so that I am around to see them grow up. We are bombarded with info - don't eat potatoes, do eat potatoes, don't count calories, calories matter etc. I could go on forever.

    A few years ago I went on a diet called first personal diet. It was very low carb, very low calorie - I think I was allowed 700cal per day. No fat except for one teaspoon of mayo. Lean protein, one egg and non starchy veg No dairy except for plain yoghurt and two fruits per day. Very little white cheese and 5 small crackers per day. I lost 50 pounds within 4 or so months. My skin was clear, no dark rings under my eyes, felt amazing. Then my hair started to fall out in handfulls. Then I started eating again and still haven't stopped. Craved carbs, sugar etc. Off course I gained back everything ++.

    So basically I am looking for advice. How should I go about this? What should I eat to get started on my journey to good health? I know that I will start exercising by walking for now. But what do I do about food?

    Another issue is that my two older boys 18 and 15 also want to eat healthy but they are young and happy to follow primal guidelines but they want substitutes for everything and with the number of "primal/paleo indulgence,craving" books out there it's easy to bake substitute muffins, cookies etc. how should these items form part of ones eating? Both for me and the kids.

    Thanks for reading my long story.

    All advice appreciated.

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    Step one: start eating whole, natural, Primal stuff, and cut out the crap.

    Everything else will follow later.


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      I am also 43, overweight, on medication for low thyroid, and just plain sad with life in general. Well...that was a few weeks ago. How I got started was by giving up 1 BIG thing. So for me, my first baby was soda. I was drinking 6-10 cans per day!! Diet but still terrible for you. So when the scale passed 200 I had enough.

      I gave up soda and that was all. Told myself I would try it for 2 weeks and see how I felt. Well...2 weeks later I had been drinking 6-8 bottles of water instead of soda, I was sleeping better, and I lost 5 lbs. I thought, "Hey, I can do this!". So I began researching paleo after a friend suggested that I try this vs being vegetarian. I like the idea of giving up grains and not my bacon! LOL

      Well...its been only about a week and so far, so good. I am feeling better and each day gets easier than the day before. Just take it one day at a time, at least that's what's working for me. No pressure on yourself. Just day by day.

      I will also have you know, my husband has zero intentions of trying to eat healthy. Yesterday he had a frozen pizza for lunch...I was able to not have any and instead made myself some ground turkey and kale. YUM!

      So there's my advice from one newby to another. Good Luck!


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        Start simple, read the primal blueprint book and the getting started sections on this website. Don't read the forum posts about potato and other hacks for at least 3 months, just eat real food and avoid grains, legumes, bad vegetable oils and Al processed stuff.
        On the main site in getting started there is a shopping list. Mark also has a regular blog where he tells you if things are primal, you can find things through the search option on the mainsite.

        I guess your boys will love a nice diner with steak and some vegetables or breakfast with eggs and bacon. You can give them potatoes, white rice, nuts, fruit and dairy as well, if you are trying to lose weight go easy those things and for fruit its best to eat berries they contain less sugar.

        With dairy you might try quitting it for 3 weeks to check if you have any health issues with particulary cow milk. Reintroduce slowly, you will notice pretty fast if you are intolerant.

        Don't forget to play, sleep and enjoy the benefits of primal living