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  • Greetings!

    Hello All
    I am a 44 male from Long Island, NY.
    Found PB 3 months ago after 7 months on the zone diet.
    My biggest success comes from cooking in cast iron. I bought a new lodge pan and committed to using it daily. As the seasoning improves I continue to lose weight and reinforce my new lifestyle.
    Can't tell you how much weight I lost because I don't know! I never got on the scale. I started at a 52 waist and just now purchased some Levi's 501 jeans in size 42. My goal is to be a 36-38.
    Thank you to Grok and all of the posters for your positive energy. Through this forum I learned about "wheat belly" and have broken free from the addiction to wheat. Also I am rediscovering the joy of play time.
    I look forward to continuing this journey and now contributing on a regular basis.