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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm a 36 y/o psychiatrist and mother of two girls (almost 3 and almost 1) who has been on the search for the most sensible nutrition regime based on sound scientific principles for several years. In my early 30s I worked out like crazy, tracked all my calories and ratios on computer software, never did lose that last stubborn 5 pounds, and basically made myself a little nuts. After that I read Good Calories, Bad Calories, was properly horrified as a physician at how the good intentions of the scientists and government led to such misinformation, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's, you name it... anyway, then I read Michael Pollan and focused on eating real, whole foods and eliminating all the processed garbage. In that time I gained another 5 pounds (of course).

    In each pregnancy I gained 60 pounds, after each one lost 50 very easily, but add up 5+5+10+10 (and another 5 this Christmas) and in just a few years, I'm 35 pounds overfat! I found exercise to be very difficult with young breastfed babies, extreme sleep deprivation, and a busy job (frankly, I was lucky to get a shower every other day), but when my youngest was about 9 months old, I decided it was time to get the butt in gear. After reading Good Calories, Bad Calories and haunting fitness forums for years, I can't exactly go to weight watchers, you know? I would spend the whole time arguing with the leader about why I shouldn't be eating 2 pound lite ice cream sandwiches. So I consulted a nutritionist and had a personalized plan developed for me. Not surprisingly, his plan was very close to the Primal diet. Perhaps I could have saved myself the consultation fee... but he did have some good insights into food intolerance and led me to think more in the direction of paleo-primal in the first place, so here I am!

    I started my nutritionist's plan a month ago. Basically, no dairy (except eggs), no grain-fed beef, no added sugars or processed foods (the exception is organic dark dark chocolate squares). I'm encouraged to eat organic meats, grass-fed beef, bison, buffalo, vegetables and fruits (but 5X as many veggies as fruits), and nuts and seeds. I can eat grains, but only post work-out, and then only wild rice, oatmeal, or quinoa. There are some portion suggestions and meal timing suggestions, probiotics, and a few other supplements, but nothing to make you crazy. Green tea and water are the beverages of choice. I've lost 15 pounds in a month, and I'm back into my pre-pregnancy clothes sizes, but not yet at my fighting weight I work out 6X a week, but I usually only have a short period of time to work out or else I am waking up at an ungodly hour, so I will either do a short jog, weights, sprints, sometimes yoga, and I try to get out for long hikes and walks with the family on nice days.

    Since I'm still losing at a steady clip, I don't plan to go completely primal until I plateau. Always good to save some ammunition for those last stubborn pounds, but I really do think I'll eat primal the rest of my life. I feel awesome, I never feel deprived or have cravings, or feel too hungry or weak (and I always struggled with hypoglycemic episodes when I cut calories the old fashioned way), my work mates tell me I look younger, and "glowing," and they all want to know what I'm doing, my patients are interested too!

    The kids eat primal when I feed them (as I usually cook about 1/3 or more of what I might eat and give them the extra), and while they have always been healthy, I'm happy they have no objections to all the new vegetables Mama is trying. Anyway, love the forum and the depth of knowledge here! Thank you!

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    Sounds like you have a great plan in place. I look forward to seeing your progress. Welcome aboard Dr.
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