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So excited about this, and some questions....

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  • So excited about this, and some questions....

    Hi, everyone!

    I went primal/paleo almost three weeks ago, and I've been loving it! I've read a few of the primal books, and have been looking at MDA and these forums for a couple of weeks. I even read the entire "Funny CW moments" thread. Long. Funny. And sad, too.

    To give some background, I'm 5'10", 163 lbs (down 8 pounds since I started!) and my goal weight is somewhere between 135-145 or so. But more than weight, I'm doing this to minimize inflammation and help my gut heal from lots of food allergies and leaky gut issues. I've followed the blood type diet (BTD) for years and cleared about 90% of my issues, but still had some inflammation and allergy issues. Just in the last few weeks I've realized I have issues with soy (gone from my diet now!) and eggs (ditto). I'm also allergic to wheat/gluten, corn, almost all dairy, beef, and peanuts, and have been allergic to them for 30+ years.

    When I found out about my allergies in 1998, I eliminated all those foods, and the blood type diet gave me an excellent roadmap since most of what I'm allergic to are considered avoids for my blood type. I think eating the primal/paleo way will help me heal the rest of the way. .

    I'm aware that the blood type diet is not well regarded here, but please no bashing. I'm immensely grateful for what it has done for me over the years since it probably saved my life! I'm still on it, technically, though I am experimenting with foods considered to be avoids for my blood type. Bacon, anyone? I'm also grateful that I never bought into CW once I was diagnosed with my allergies-can't eat whole wheat, or that many grains in a day, can't eat dairy, etc. I never counted calories, either, and was always around 150-167 lbs when I wasn't pregnant. I still had some bloating and inflammation issues, not to mention four or five miscarriages! I think by tweaking my diet with primal laws, I will be leaner than I've been in the past, hence my lower goal weight. I figure that if I eat right and exercise, my body will settle at the right weight for me, AND will repair the damage that's been done to my gut over the years.

    Since I started, I've had no carb flu or any other issues, which has been great, but I was eating fairly clean already, so that didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was that my bloating went away within a couple of days, and my feet stopped hurting when I got up in the morning. And I'm still averaging about 200 grams of carbs, and eating roughly 2800 calories a day! Also, I'm nursing my four-month old son, and I've had milk supply issues with my other children (a 5 y.o. son and a 3 y.o. daughter), so I want to make my weight loss/health improvements as easy as possible on my system and not transition to a lower amount of carbs too fast.

    Here are my questions:

    What are your thoughts on an appropriate ratio of carbs/proteins/fats for nursing mamas? Am I still eating too many? My thought is no, since I'm losing weight, nursing, and exercising a little bit, but I would like your input, too.

    I had a high risk pregnancy, so wasn't allowed to exercise for basically an entire year since I ended up with a cesarean this time. I've started walking and going outside to our play set to hang on it for a few seconds at a time. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to start exercising from ground zero. I'm fine walking, and I have decent arm strength, but my abs are very weak and my sense of balance is shot. Suggestions?

    Breakfast is challenging since I can't eat eggs, and my smoothies are fairly high carb, so I'm looking for some other options here, too.

    And any other thoughts or suggestions from others, especially nursing moms, are most welcome!

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you're nursing and loosing weight you can't be eating too many calories. Hopefully you'll get over your allergy to eggs later after you're done nursing and have been on PB a while.

    I wouldn't worry about anything else but nursing well and feeling good. Exercise only as much as you feel comfortable doing.
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      I forgot to mention that I've been having some issues with thrush, which is why I think I might need to adjust the amount of carbs I'm eating....


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        And thanks, Cryptocode. I'm not worried about the calories at all, but the level of carbs.


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          A good level of macros is 60% fats, 25% protein, 15% carbs, as long as that make the carbs about 150g for you. I'm thinking you need more of everything, otherwise anything over 50g is OK.

          If you have oral thrush you probably also have candida in your gut. That would be the thing to concentrate on. I'd recommend taking a good probiotic capsule before every meal. In this method the good bacteria will, in time, overpower the bad bacteria including the candida. Others will recommend a specific diet to kill the candida. The SCD diet is popular here,

          If it's oral thrush, start Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil after every teeth-brushing. Does your baby also have thrush?
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          "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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            He doesn't have any white spots in his mouth, but just these last few days he's had diaper rash that has not gone away with regular diaper rash cream, so yes, he probably does have it, too.

            My carbs have been averaging about 200 grams a day, so I'll cut them down to 150ish and see what happens. Thanks, too, for the tips for the SCD. I'll look into that!