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  • Just completed 21 day challenge

    As stated in the title, my wife and I jus completed the challenge and are now ready to go primal for life. Te results that I have seen so far are unbelieveable. I was 215 lbs at 5'7" and now am at 192 and dropping. Muscle tone is getting good, the wife likes that! My enery is through the roof! A little about me. I have been in construction most of my adult life. A very physically demanding job that burned off alot of calories. About 5 years ago I moved from field foreman to supervisor. My activity levels were much lower, the stress much higher and my appetite did not change. I went from being a tough and toned foreman to a big bellied supervisor quickly. I actually found the Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson in a pile of discards. I took it home, just out of curiosity. I am glad I did. While we are still learning new recipies and new ways to shop, it has had its challenges. The results speak for themselves though.

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    That's awesome man, and not to mention encouraging!
    Is the 21 day challenge in the Primal Blueprint or did you get "The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation"?
    Very cool, I hope this continues to be something that works for you and your wife.

    ~ Jen
    The ridiculous, hilarious, sometimes infuriating and frustrating journal of one woman trying to feed a family caveman style.
    "It Takes A Village"

    "Canadian cavemen could have eaten poutine.."


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      Its glad you complete it


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        I got the Primal Blueprint 21 day Total Body Transformation. I am still doing very well with it, and with time we are finding new recipies. The workouts are great, no geting bored. We have adjusted our lifestyle to allow for new and diffferent types of exercise, such as going hiking and bike riding with my two boys, work out of the week, sprints now and then ( usally trying to keep up with my boys) and others. It is much easier to stick to than doing the same routine over and over again, though I still like to hit the gym as well.