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  • My Introduction

    Hello all. I am a 36 year old overweight male who has struggled with weight loss for most of my life. I started this style of living about three weeks ago and have already experienced some success. I even made it through a week long vacation away where most meals were eating out.

    Here is where I started:
    6'1" 240lb.
    My 38" waist pants were tight on me.

    Currently I am 233 lb. and the same pants are either loose or fit comfortably.

    The exercise is the biggest hurdle for me as I typically don't find it overly enjoyable. It is usually tough for me to view it as anything more than a chore. But I am open to finding more outlets for exercise and "play" that I enjoy. Also hoping to find what sorts of foods will provide me with the energy necessary to want to get up and work out.

    Looking forward to learning from everybody here.

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    Congrats on your success so far.
    Just start to walk daily at first (maybe at lunch time and/or the end of the day).
    Good luck.


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      Eating a lot of fats when you've been conditioned to live high carb low fat is a very hard step for many of us. Just close your eyes and do it. Animal fats and Butter (saturated), Olive, coconut and avocado fats (monounsaturated) is what you want, only. Do it now.

      Try for 65% fats, 20% protein, 15% carbs. Most of us do not have to try to lower calories, most don't even note calories, just the macros. Eat as much as you want until you fell full. The fats will satiate you and you will probably reduce your calories yourself without even noticing it. Also you'll probably loose weight or at least inches without noticing it. That is, after you get over the carb-flu. Allow 2 - 4 weeks for that.

      So read "The Primal Blueprint" which explains everything.

      As for exercising, we believe in walk slowly and often, lift weights once or twice a week, sprint once a week. That's good to start, then consider adding Mark's basic exercises at the beginner level.
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        I hardly did any excersise for the first 4 months and the weight still fell off me. I don't know what I weighed at the start but I lost 4 inches off my waist in those first 4 months. Since then I've started to train more and actually enjoy it now I'm lighter. I'm thinking of trying a team sport of some kind to get the 'play' element which I agree really helps
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          Welcome - your starting stats are the same as my son. Wish he'd do this. You have 10 years on him though. Still time to convince him. I second just start with walking. Heavy lifting in a gym brings the most fantastic relaxed feeling in me. Enough to make me keep going.