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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to palo and would love some pointers!


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    Ask away!


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      "The Primal Blueprint" is a must read.
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        Originally posted by Cryptocode View Post
        "The Primal Blueprint" is a must read.

        some pointers :
        weight loss : low carbs (<100g) , caloric restriction ( if you want , and you must keep eating the protein amount needed)
        else : 100 - 150 g carbs

        try avoid all refined, starchy and high GI food .(you can eat some starchy and high GI food post workout)

        eat lean meat .

        and finally try to buy the best quality products you can get .

        hope it will help you .


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          Eating paleo is easy, eat real food only. no Processed food that you did not make yourself. Don't bother with silly end game hacks yet just eat meat and veggies and some healthy fats. Stay far away from Gluten and grains and make sure that everything you eat does not have any hidden inside.

          Avoid soft drinks, diet or not as they are poison, avoid added sugar as much as you can.

          take 30 days and cut out all grains dairy and beans, after 30 days start adding them back in and see how you feel.

          I plan on 1 gram of protein for every lb you weigh now and a broad mix of veggies every day. If you have a lot of weight to loose, keep the sugary veggies to a minimum like fruit, potatoes etc. If you are lean, have some every day to keep you running happy.

          Get enough sun, get enough play to have fun in life, walk a lot, lift heavy a few days a week and climb the stairs, and for gods sake, get your sleep fixed and dialed in.

          Read everything you can, Primal Blueprint by mark Sisson, Paleo Solution by Robb wolf, It starts with food by Melissa Hartwig etc.

          Read the forums but be picky about what you read here, some folks are helpful and informed and some folks are trolls that just want to see the world burn.
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            Thanks so much for the help and guidance. I have cut sugar out of my diet and drink water like no other. Feeling so much better.