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Eating as paleo as possible in Mexico

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  • Eating as paleo as possible in Mexico

    My hubby and I are traveling to puerto vallarta next week and was wondering if any of ya'al have any tips for eating a clean diet down there? We are paleo at least 90% and don't wanna get stomach issues and all that fun stuff while there...any ideas?

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    Don't drink the water and eat this:

    The Weston A. Price Foundation - Weston A Price Foundation


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      I grew up in San Diego and have traveled to Mexico many many times. I drink the water and eat tacos from street vendors. Maybe I am more acclimated because of being right next door and going so many times. You didnt say where in Mexico or what types of accomodations you'll be staying in. I eat a ton of seafood when I am there but I always travel to coastal communities. I wouldn't be too strict when traveling. I stay mindful of staying paleo/primal but I love eating local specialties.

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        Ha ha, I remember a dinner out in Monterrey, Mexico where the only things on the table that weren't meat were the corn tortillas and the huitlacoche. I also remember a bbq with cabrito (and tequilla). I think you'll do fine in mexico. Just eat the corn tortillas and don't worry about it. There's a lot of rice too but tell that 'I'm on a diet' (estoy de dieta) and they will probably understand why you're eating meat and not the rice.


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          Oh yeah, and the water is perfectly safe. the shaved ice things they sell on the street on the other hand... better stick to the tacos


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            Truth is - most traditional Mexican food is very paleo friendly (which was a big relief for me going paleo - since I'm half Mexican and couldn't picture my life without Mexican food).

            It also depends on how strict you want to be as well. For instance, refried beans are technically not paleo - but when prepared the traditional way, soaking for a day, cooking once, and then cooking a second time with lard, the phytates are reduced significantly. Corn tortillas (prepared traditionally) and rice are also gluten free options if you want to have a cheat.

            If you don't want a cheat - then just avoid tortillas and the starchy side options - stick with guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa, etc. as your sides. Carnitas, carne asada and pollo ranchero are all totally paleo if prepared traditionally. Ceviche (usually shrimp with lime and some fresh chopped veggies) and almost any fish should be easy to find there as well and if you get them baked, broiled or grilled with a little lime and pico - it's a totally enjoyable paleo Mexican meal.

            Another paleo treat - dark Mexican chocolate with chilis in it. So sweet and with a little kick - lots of good for you stuff.

            Truly, Mexican, especially the traditional stuff (not the crap many Americans think is traditional) - is VERY paleo friendly. You shouldn't have any problems at all.

            But yeah, bring your own bottled water or buy reverse osmosis water while you're there to avoid sodas.
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              Stomach issues are definitely a problem here - you have to be careful in a lot of the local restaurants and especially street food (asking for trouble, and it's really not paleo with all that omega-6 oil).

              Puerto Vallarta is well set for Paleo though - you even have home delivery services there. It's the easiest place outside of Mexico D.F. to get paleo, weston price and other paleo upgraded foods.

              On the east coast (yucatan, maya riviera) where I am, it's a lot more challenging - similar to most of Mexico. If you are in one of these less paleo access locations check out this list of where to buy paleo compliant what (brands, supermarkets etc.). It doesn't have everything, but I'm living a pretty clean diet with it.