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  • Hello from Grass Valley, CA

    Hello everyone;

    My name is Jim and my wife and I have been following the paleo plan since January (so about 6+ months). I am 52yo and she is well ....a little older I have to say we both feel much better since starting the diet and have both lost a significant amount of weight (me 30lbs, her 40+lbs) I am 5'9" and weigh 160 which I haven't seen since I was 25 I look forward to reading and learning from the experiences of all of you.

    I do have one question at this time. Where should questions regarding test results, medical type questions, meds etc... be posted? I was on a statin for a few years and quit taking it when I started reading and learning about cholesterol and statin drugs from this site and others. Now I just had a VAP cholesterol test and my numbers are WAY elevated and my doctor is freaking out. I have read up on how to interpret the test but my numbers are so out of wack I am thinking I might have to go back on the drugs.

    Thanks, Jim
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    Welcome, riobuster. Hope this way of eating continues to work well for you.

    Nutrient, diet and test results are found in the nutrition pages. There are a few people there who can advise you on VAP results, it may take a while. Be persistent. Also post all the other Cholesterol numbers. And read Griff's post on cholesterol in the Odds and Ends section and (I think) in the Research section. After you do his calculations you may find that your cholesterol is OK.

    I have Familial hypercholesterolemia and my numbers always send everyone bananas. After lots of really bad effects from statins and other cholesterol drugs, I find Griff's work wonderfully soothing. I'm just fine, but I have no sympathy for 'helpful doctors'.
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      Welcome Jim. Congrats to you both on weight loss. best wishes as you continue your healthy journey.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Hey Jim, welcome. I'm just a hundred-and-a-half miles up I-5 from you. We have a lot in common, except I haven't had the courage to go get a physical.

        I'd counsel you to spend a couple days preparing (dietarily, if that's a word), then get your lipids tested elsewhere. Calculate your ratios and compare those to the ratios from your previous test.

        I'm going to have to take my own advice one of these days...

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          Just wanted to say hello. Grass Valley is a beautiful place to live. Lived there before. Miss swimming in Deer Creek.

          Hope all is going well with you in the new lifestyle.
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            Welcome Riobuster--I'm right up the way in SLT--58, DH is 60, we both went primal a year ago and are doing great! My DH's inflammations and arthritis are all but gone! Good luck with the blood tests--i have/had the same experience and have a doctor threatening statins. Not that i would listen...(!)