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New Guy seeking a little clarity and peace of mind

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  • New Guy seeking a little clarity and peace of mind

    Hi Everyone! Im a 26 yr old Male 5'11" and lean 180lbs from Indiana just hoping to get in the primal conversation. The main thing that caused me to gravitate here is that I love all things outdoors and the idea of making fitness fun more than the primal diet (i'll probably stick to eating my whole wheat bread).

    I constantly battle my own mind about whether I want to be a huge powerlifting beast or just relax and not be afraid of being a little thin. I've tried eating massive amounts of food in order to get big and it just makes me uncomfortable and costs more money than I want to spend just to gain weight. I like lifting and getting stronger but I am also a huge fan of playing basketball and occasionally doing a sprint triathlon,rowing, swimming or hiking. Obviously the latter group of activities are not improved by gaining a bunch of weight, but sometimes my strength stalls and I feel the need to stuff my face with as much food (some junk, mostly decent quality though) to try and get bigger. My wife I think would prefer me to just be happy and lean and most of the time so would I. Unfortunately I continue to battle my own mindset and end up anxious and unsure of what to do.

    I would love to hear some advice on how any of you have reconciled your constant mental turmoil about what you really want and maybe how this site helped as this seems like the perfect place to look for the happy medium. Sorry, I know the post is a little all over the place, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Howdy! I came here to meet and greet myself! I've been eating pure primal for a month and I absolutely love how I look and feel. I'm not gonna pressure you to do the same, everyone's on their own journey and I'm just beginning my own.

    I struggled with what you're talking about for YEARS! Living in a "manly" world, raised by a dad with plenty of machismo, I was always encouraged to get out there and get tough. For a time in my life that meant getting bigger, lifting weights, etc... What helped me achieve what I really wanted out of life however was "functional" fitness. Before I even heard the term, I decided a primal approach was best.

    Real world movements are a great place to start, like squats, kettle bells, the convict workout, etc....

    For me the biggest leap was studying and making lifestyle choices through Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Both keep you incredibly fit, and both serve a purpose. It's really gratifying to use your body to do movements with a purpose. Kettle bells can get you bigger but they're much better at helping you lift couches and press trash cans over your head.

    Think about Grok running, he didn't run just to run, he was either running to catch something or running away from something.

    It's working for me, I'm lean and fit, but I can't tell you how much fun it is to armbar or submit the guys who walk around at 250
    Living the dream - One life at a time!


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      Oh forgot to say a lot of people like the functional strength that a GOOD Crossfit gym cultivates. They are NOT all created equal so you'd want to check around.

      And also forgot to say, I LOVE pitbulls... best dogs in the world! I'll try to post a pic of mine sometime.
      Living the dream - One life at a time!