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  • Continuing the Journey

    I've been a lurker for a couple of years now, off and on. I love the science and principles behind the Primal Blueprint. Every bit makes sense to me. I've struggled extensively to improve my health and know through and through that the PB is where my optimal health lies.

    I have every good intention going in and making the commitment, but the head game; the psychological barriers that push me back into bad habits, is something I've been struggling with for a long time. Instant gratification drives me much to my dismay. On the bright side today is a new day. I went on a binge eating spree yesterday, determined to start fresh today, seek out the inspiration that drove me to better my health in the first place, and start again. I love the outdoors, and have been active this summer, but the food thing is still a work in progress, an engine that hasn't quite turned over yet for I haven't allowed myself the chance. Those that are interested may find in my previous years posts that I've gone through this up and down cycle since I discovered the Primal Blueprint. I can seek out all the help I want but in the end for this to work, I have to be my own cheerleader.

    So here I am again, ready to continue this journey for better health. My stats stand thus far:

    160 lbs
    35 years old
    no kids

    goal = 135 lbs

    Since moving back from Chicago, (the food, OMG, the food was amazing), I'm 18 lbs lighter than I was. I knew I was heavy, but when I look back at pictures from then, it's like I didn't perceive myself as being as heavy as I was. Actually at my lowest since being back I went down to 143 lbs, which was only made possible by finding a job as a team member for Target. I moved around moderately constantly everyday, lifting things, reaching, bending, etc for 6 plus hours. The weight melted off, but the diet never changed. I quit Target, and went back on track as a desk jockey, gained 17lbs again, but no less grateful that I've been maintaining at my current weight only because of my increased outdoor activity. I refuse to be 178 lbs again!

    My living situations and settling down here has been sporadic and stressful, but yet I remain positive and am making slow but steady strides to better my life and find my foothold here. I'm taking the next step, breaking up with my lazy boyfriend, moving into my own place, where I will have more control over the food I buy. Keeping it simple. To live on my own and discover my true self again.
    "Achievement begins with belief."

    "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson-

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    Hey zsadie! Congrats on your 18lb loss. I can completely identify with your struggles. When I get one part right something else falls by the wayside. It just feels like I'm juggling and trying to keep all these balls in the air. Hopefully that's it, just like juggling when your starting off you keep dropping everything but with time it becomes second nature. Just started a July starters/ restarters group if you want to join.


    • #3 is good to have you out is definitely a great forum..i guess you are gonna love it out here..