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Single mother of 4, ultra runner and road cyclist...primal for a week

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  • Single mother of 4, ultra runner and road cyclist...primal for a week

    Cannot wait to see how my body chages and feels after 21 days, and forever. I am a fit mother of 4, and like Mark put in hours on my feet and my bike. I have no intention of giving that up, but with a smarter way of eating, I am most excited to see how my performance can improve and more importantly how I recover.

    I'll be checking in frequently to continue learning.


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    Welcome aboard. I am married with one kid. I can,t imagine being single with four kids and having time to do anything, let alone train for ultras. You have my respect.

    On another note, no long distance swimming??? What kind of a slacker are you???


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      4 kids, nice! Welcome to the forums
      I am not a bodybuilding/fat loss/strength training "guru" BUT I achieved a lean state with ease after learning the correct way to train and eat and I want to HELP YOU achieve the same.

      Getting fit is also about managing your mindset:


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        Welcome to the revolution. Like you I'm and avid trail runner and road cyclist. I have many trail races and one ultra under my belt. This season I've been training primarily with CrossFit Endurance and doing duathlons and shorter trail races.

        My body feels so much better with the shorter more intense training and I'm actually seeing better performances in races.


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          Thank you. I believe shorter is probably smarter, just have a couple I absolutely love just for the beauty of them.
          I've been kickboxing twice a week, running short during the week and increasing long runs on the weekends.
          Feeling the normal weight gain when I start to add the miles on.
          I'm afraid maybe I'm not eating enough. Is my body holding on to weight for the next long run?

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            I also am a mother of 4 and ran my first marathon a 18 months ago. I was thrilled with my time but not my body, I seemed to go from ultralean to looking a little soft. I believe my body did just not like that form of excercise so I am concentrating on the Spartan Beast which I also have done and love much more. I would try maybe a carb load on the day of your long runs (healthy fruit and maybe a cooled sweet potato) and track your quantity of food for a few days.

            Keep in touch and good luck.