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    I have been lurking here for about a month now, avidly reading everything being written. I am from England; living in the middle of the south west, miles from anywhere. I am a 58 year old female, now weighing 56kg and 5 ft 1 inch - I have lost 25 lbs from my heaviest at Christmas, and gone down 3 dress sizes. I started my diet on a commercial Ketosis diet which introduced me to low carb eating. I started to read around the subject and found primal eating in March.

    At present I have a sedentary job and know I need to do more, however even though I am a retired physio, I hate formal exercising, I also can't run fast as joints are not happy being pounded and neither is the rest of me. I have been looking at the exercise part of primal and to be quite honest just said no not doing exercises. So I am trying to incorporate into my life rather than do exercises.

    My first question would the following work as a starting point?

    Day 1 lunchtime walk lasting 45 minutes - fast rate
    Day 2 ditto
    Day 3 gardening, moving plant pots, weeding, cutting trees etc
    Day 4 as day 1
    Day 5 as day 1
    Day 6 cycle to supermarket to get food
    Day 7 walking tiny dog (do this everyday but this is a stroll so not counted), housework, craft work ( silversmithing, wet felting etc)

    ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1372755280.029267.jpg. Tiny dog!

    All comments gratefully received on the above.

    My diet now keeps wavering between primal and full paleo as I waft in and out of dairy, not a milk lover but love goat butter and goat cheese although yogurt and cream I prefer cow, I tried coconut yogurt but not a convert. The rest of my diet is totally primal and I do feel so much better than I did eating SAD at Christmas. My only alcohol is a small glass of organic cider with lunches at the weekend.

    I am sure I will have more questions later

    Many thanks


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    hi GlassOwl, congratulations on your success with primal so far. It seems to be working well for you so it seems that including some dairy is not a problem for you. I think that four days of walking, one of gardening and one of cycling is very workable exercise-wise and will be a lot more than most people do. i would put in a plug for some weights work maybe once a week, I have found it very beneficial and now I truly enjoy it

    Your crafts sound very interesting. My mum is into felting - my girls all have handmade slippers and I have worn a felted hat she made me. Silversmithing - what is that like? My most recent activity was soapmaking.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Welcome Glassowl, do what you can exercise wise but like Annie says weight lifting is great for making you healthy and I also highly recommend doing stuff outdoors as much as possible for the mental lift as much as the physical. Why not get that dog fit at the same time?
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        Thanks for the comments and the welcome. I will do my lifting in the garden I think, those pots of plants are no light weights, neither is a spadeful of our heavy clay soil and as you said at least i will be outside. Walking is best done outside I really hate treadmills I find them so claustrophobic.
        I had a wonderful 90 minute walk today, in the sunshine, crossed two rivers and walked alongside fields, and all I was doing was walking to my local supermarket and back, I love living in the middle of nowhere.


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          Hi Annie

          Wet felting is good fun if hard work, well my present project is!

          Silversmithing is the great, I love creating a piece of jewellery that someone else would like to wear.

          I have never tried soap making sounds interesting though

          Thanks for the comments



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            Hi Glassowl, welcome. As others have said, yes, just walking is more than most people do and definitely good for you. You might find that as time goes on your joints improve to where you don't find brief periods of running so painful and you masy be able to run a little bit in playing with the dog. Otherwise, throwing things for him to chase and lifting heavy things in the garden are all going to help. In a year's time you might find the thought of more vigorous exercise less daunting.

            Also, have you considered fetching food in a rucksack - you can probably carry just as much as on a bicycle. As I only live about half a mile from my local Tesco in my own house, I was doing this a couple of years ago, and that counts as lifting/carrying heavy things!
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