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  • Hello from Chicago...

    Just wanted to say hi. I ordered Primal Blueprint a few days ago after coming across some exciting before and after stories on the "Interwebs" (and Reddit). Then I found this website and decided that I would try the whole Primal/Paleo approach.

    I've always struggled with my weight growing up. Luckily I have a large frame and generally am able to hide my excess weight so that with clothes I look big but not terrible. However I HATE how I look in the mirror. Ugh.

    Over the years I've yo-yo'd with other diets. Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc... A few years ago I went from about 275 down to 205 and while I still wasn't "fit" I thought I had done well with my diet and basic exercise.

    But back to old habbits I went and my weight slowly creeped back up to where I am now at 280. I FEEL SO DISGUSTED with everything.

    I totally feel trapped in the SAD diet and can tell that the Primal approach just "makes sense". My day is a constant up and down of mood and whatnot that is tied totally to what I'm eating. In reading a lot of the success stories on this site I can tell that there are so many people that started out feeling the same way.

    I need to get groceries tonight and hopefully tomorrow I will be starting my journey to a better me. I've luckily spent the past few weeks getting myself off my my Starbucks sugar/cream coffee addiction! So that's a step in the right direction

    Hope to have the opportunity to chat with lots of you in the forums.

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    Welcome. I did primal for 4 months last year, but life sidetracked me. I recently started eating this way again and cant figure out why I ever stopped. You'll feel so much better. And good for you...I still haven't kicked my Starbucks addiction, but now I just drink half and half with espresso. Good Luck.
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      Welcome and good luck!
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