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37-y.o. MWM seeks meaningful relation ship with abdominal muscles and 10% BF

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  • 37-y.o. MWM seeks meaningful relation ship with abdominal muscles and 10% BF

    Howdy, from Texas, y'all!

    I was introduced to MDA a few weeks ago by a co-worker and have been hooked ever since. I've been on a personal health and fitness voyage for quite some time. Played sports as a kid growing up and that fell by the wayside in HS to pursue my love of aviation. In college I participated in ROTC (calisthenics), intramural sports and ran a lot. I also ambled my way through our Fitness & Rec Center's weight room on occasion.

    Got into professional aviation after I graduated and got married a little over 9 years ago. The on-the-road lifestyle took a pretty big toll on me -- it was hard for me to gain any weight in college (made it from 135 to 155) but I was basically "skinny-fat." After graduation I gained a fair amount of weight (some muscle, but more fat) and peaked at 195 lbs and about 25% BF.

    About 5 years ago, I saw my nephew born and was immediately struck with the thought that he may not grow up with a father because of my bro-in-law's poor habits. This woke me up to a realization that I want to be a strong and fit dad when my wife and I have kids (we're trying now).

    I've had fits and starts getting "back in shape" but I managed to plateau for a while. About 2 years ago, my wife and I joined a very nice gym and I used it frequently. I worked with various trainers there but soon got frustrated with how "cookie cutter" the training was and how unskilled they actually were. I finally paired with a PT who actually had some real credentials and begin making progress but was hampered by a time-bomb injury in my left shoulder that sidelined me for a few month of Physical Therapy.

    During the PT sessions I begin to focus on my nutrition, knowing that "abs are made in the kitchen." I was able to drop about 8-10 lbs over a 3 month period utilizing better food choices and lower-impact interval cardio (elliptical & bike).

    During this time, I bit the bullet and purchased P90X. As soon as I got the all clear from my Doc, I jumped right in and my world all of a sudden seemed to come together. In the first 90 days, I made significant progress, and I am just wrapping up a second round. In 180 "short" days, I was able to accomplish most of what I hoped but was not able to accomplish in 18 months with personal trainers.

    Interestingly enough, before my coworker introduced me to MDA, I already decided to take a break from P90X and try some more "primal" type exercises, incorporating Tabata Sprints and sports-specific exercise (I still hold my childhood love for soccer).

    My original goals were 175 lbs and 15% BF. Right now, I sit at about 180 lbs and 14.5% BF. I still am gonna prove to myself I actually have abs though, and I know I have to focus primarily on nutrition.

    The Primal "Diet" is not that far off from how I traditionally eat as I regularly aimed for 1 lb. of protein per pound (used total weight though, not lean mass) but know my carbohydrate intake was high. I did consume whole-grains on a regular basis (since changed). I also consume a fair amount of dairy. Lastly, my job limits me at times to prepared foods and limited vegetables and fruits. I pack what I can and what won't get confiscated by Customs. I rely on packaged tuna, salmon, chicken breast, nuts, jerky and whey protein a lot of times.

    I have been on a rampage ejecting HFCS, trans-fats, etc from our kitchen. Fortunately, I do most of the shopping and cooking so I am basically "responsible" for at-home nutrition.

    Anyhow, that's it for now. looking forward to continuing this journey and watching others along the way.

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    Welcome, and good luck! As a fellow 30-something MWM, unless your wife is full bore, gung-ho about going primal too, pick your battles when it comes to the nutrition. Sometimes my wife doesn't want to hear about what Mark or Gary Taubes have written, so I just shut up, nibble on the dinner roll, and everybody goes to bed happy.


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      Sounds like a great idea. Welcome and this is a great site to help you meet your goals.
      One thing to note though abs don't necessarily pop out at 10% bf. I started out 172ish and around 15% bf thinking that I could lose ten pounds and show abs. Now I'm down around 152, have a thirty inch waist and according to the Navy calculations I'm 7something% bf and they're still just in the verge of showing. I want my abs out really bad and I'm working hard to get them out. In my case it looks like around 6% body fat is where mine will be visible.


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        A warm welcome to you, Charlie Golf! Your subject line cracked me up. It's great to have you with us.

        It sounds like your motivation is right on track. Babies can be an incredible motivator. When my wife fell pregnant, I snapped and went nuts trying to get fit. It didn't work out for me too well... until I discovered MDA and became healthier than I ever thought I could be. A lot of the thanks is due to my son, who makes sure I wake up early, move around a lot at a slow pace, and lift heavy things (17 pounds and getting heavier every day). Good luck to you for a rapid conception!

        Your on-the-go lifestyle will present a challenge for a proper primal diet, but armed with the proper information, you're sure to do fine. Abs are most definitely baked in the kitchen. Then we apply the glaze and sprinkles with weight training.

        I know how gym workouts can be tedious, unexciting and unfulfilling. I could never get really excited about them. Everybody's different, but I can't resist a shameless plug for my own sledgehammer training routine. I haven't done any other weightlifting since starting the PB in January. It's been great for me, and it's as primal as spearing a mastodon. Here it is if you're looking for something new: