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Newbie: Menopause and Other Fun Life Seasons

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  • Newbie: Menopause and Other Fun Life Seasons

    Hi everyone,

    I've been exploring primal eating and movement for the last 3 months, and have been seeing many health benefits!

    I'm 51 years old, trying to navigate menopause with hypothyroidism and without HRT.

    My primary goals are to age gracefully while maintaining strength and endurance.

    If anyone can recommend a thread for primal women dealing with these issues, that would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I took no HRT and took vitamin E for several years to get rid of hot flashes. It's been years now. Good luck.


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      The hot flashes are most challenging!

      I didn't have any for 3 months and now they're back with a vengeance.


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        I have a blog post on menopause nutrition that may be helpful, as well as some recent posts that are relevant:

        Nutrition for a Juicy Menopause - Sondra Rose: Happy Mind
        Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
        Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
        Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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          Hi all! I'm 58, definitely post menopausal. Started easing into PB last year, August, 2012, when I decided to start WW but wanted to do it with whole natural foods, grainfree and (nearly) dairy-free. At 5'7" and 189 Lbs I really wanted to get healthy, rid myself of some aches and pains and IBS issues. I had been eating low carb for years, but weight didn't budge; hence the decision to start WW (online, since the meetings pushed too much processed food and "free" fruit). I had also been to a natural physician to balance my hormones for about two years and was on bio-identical progesterone, estriol, and very recently, testosterone. I started WW, eating protein, lots of veggies, and using the rest of my points for fat - coconut oil, butter, MCT oil, or olive oil. I kept my protein portions relatively small, but got in my 90-100 grams a day. No cheating on weekends, no alcohol, no cravings. Well, I have trimmed to 142 - almost at my 139 goal. I think the key was getting my hormones balanced - I can't recommend it enough! I finally have the energy and drive to do some weight training which is slowly getting me more toned. Sorry so long - wanted to get my experience out there!


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            Thanks everyone!
            Marie, that's great news about getting your hormones balanced! I hope you continue to see results!