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  • Hello from Greece!

    Hello to all from Greece! The past years I ‘ve been wanting to find a lifestyle that suits me most, which allows me to enjoy life, gain health and “releases” the best in me, physically, mentally and psychologically . The last years i ve been really careful with my diet, exercised and followed the “right” way to optimum health. I tried a lot with no results and then I “fell on” the paleo idea.

    Reading about the whole Primal Blueprint theory really made sense to me. Paleo is something that sounds logical and reasonable. I’m a big supporter of the quote”nature knows best”, so, I have decided to be a part of the paleo community and try to evolve in what I was designed to be. For two months know I have eliminated grains and dairy 90% of my diet, although im still figuring out the eating pattern that suits me most and haven’t seen any obvious results I m not willing to give up. Paleo is my philosophy!

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    Hi and welcome! I live in Spain so we're practically neighbors. If you haven't seen any obvious results then maybe you weren't too bad off to start with. What kind of results are you looking for? As for me, I was growing a nice michelin around my midsection and I would wake up every morning with aches and pains that made me walk around for the first 15 minutes like and old man. not any more!
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      Hello Neighbor Mike! I happen to have a lot of things that need treating, my health the past years is a domino effect! Everything started, when suddenly out of nowhere, I started having acne problems! I took some serious medication which made me feel depressed so I started binging on “junk” food, I got obsessed with food! Then I started having digestion and terrible bloating problems. After cutting the pills and giving up smocking a hormonal imbalance came up making me lose my period completely! So as you can see I’m a bit of a mess and need a total make over!
      My goal is to manage my health problems, especially my digestion and hormones and change my body composition!


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        Hello argatz, good luck. Hope you find what works for you. Welcome.
        FTM. I'm not biased, I hope everybody beats the mags!


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          Welcome argatz

          I'm very far away from you in Canada. Sometimes with Paleo, you just need to be patient, and also remember that it doesn't work the same for everyone. There may be some other foods that are Paleo that don't react well for you. My advice, work on getting your hormones back in check first, since your hormones help regulate everything else in your body. Once they're in working order again, everything else will start to run smoother. There is something called the "Autoimmune Protocol" for people who have autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, etc. Lots of Paleo people who have tried it seem to say that it helps a lot. I also have hormone imbalances (too much estrogen), but I haven't tried it myself. A good concrete resource that I've found that helps explain all of them is "Practical Paleo" by Diane Sanfillipo, who runs the blog Balances Bites. I think some of the pages are on there actually.

          Do you exercise at all? Exercising can help regulate your hormones, and will also slowly help towards changing your body composition. Just be careful to not overdo it.

          Also, congrats on quitting smoking