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Nice to meet you all !!!

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  • Nice to meet you all !!!

    This is a very extrange place that really captures my curiosity.
    I think you “Mark" are fantastic, because you create a way to get into the inner part of all of us (or mine).
    The the reason of our lives, is sometimes very hard to understand and seekeing for the explanation of it, very often, do not get us to any confortable place.
    But when health is achieved, must of our preocupations about life, are vanished and the reason of our life becames more understandable ...just to live and enjoy life !!!
    When we feel unhealthy, our world becames a frightening place thank you for your efforts in trying to help people to live a better healthier life.
    I´m form Mexico City, I´m 60 and my husband is 70.

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    Welcome Auri. I hope you stay with us and share a lot about your lifestyle in Mexico City. In many ways your food sources there are much better than in the U.S. Espeically is you can get the native corns. I'm 75, so you're still young. This way of eating has saved my life.
    "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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      Hola Auri. ˇBienvenida!

      I am 70. Primal has helped me very much. It is never too late.
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