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  • Anyone in Colorado

    Anyone on this forum live in Colorado? I wonder what kind of success you've had with living Paleo and doing sports such as 14ers, climbing, mtn biking and how you fuel your workouts outside, if you've had any endurance problems or excessive muscle soreness? I have trouble getting muscles feel like they weigh a million pounds each until they warm up. Wonder if that's a lack of carbs issue.

    Thinking about fueling bike rides with coconut water beforehand!

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    I do big hikes and stuff all the time. No issues.

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      Hey Amy,

      I live in Colorado and do all the sports you mentioned above. I totally understand where you are coming from! Our day to day cardio-activity level seems a little higher than most other places in the world
      That said, I have found that living paleo does take a bit of adjustment but have taken the trial and error approach when it comes to days that I take a big hike, climb a 14er, etc. I've found that it is great to up your carbohydrate intake on the morning of or night before and that it is very important to get nutrients in you very soon afterwards. I supplement my carb intake (now that I have been 100% primal for a year and a half) with sweet potatos and bananas or berries. It is still possible to get the rush and extra energy without diving into a big bowl of pasta or eating a whole grain sandwich (or worse, an "energy" bar) beforehand.
      It does take some getting used to but stick with it and your body will adapt fully to the good fuel you are now feeding it. Hope that helps!


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        I've been playing in the Colorado Mountains for more than 60 years. My pattern has always been to eat whatever great big meal before starting out on the adventure - steak and eggs, with potatoes; or huevos rancheros (with green chile); etc. depends exactly where I am. It's still primal-ish, but definitely allowing for 80-20.

        After, whenever that is, another great huge meal at a restaurant/diner, again primal-ish, but indulgence is fine.

        While on the trail, for example, I'll carry nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, etc. maybe a couple of pieces of fruit. Sometimes I eat some or all of it, sometimes I don't.

        Of course multi-day trips are different. . . still, primal works.

        I find eating/playing the primal way is easy as I enjoy Colorado.
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          Thanks for the feedback! I love my home state, isn't this place awesome. I've actually been dehydrating my own recipes for backpacking and jerky etc, its going well!

          I think I just have to start adding sweet potatos etc to my regime in the summer when I'm biking and hiking a ton

          For the women: How many ounces of protein would you say you eat in a day..roughly?