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Hello Everyone.

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  • Hello Everyone.

    My name is Angela and i am from Pakistan. I am a Medical Student and Joined this forum to increase my knowledge about my field of Study. Hope You guys will help me When ever i need.

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    Welcome Angela...sorry that nobody replied sooner. It's great to see that medical professionals are taking an interest!
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      Thanks MaceyUK, So Sweet of you. I thought people dont like my introduction way.


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        Hello Angela, I'm sure you will get lots of help here.
        Welcome to the apple.
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          I'm new too and like you am hoping to learn a lot as well as get fitter and healthier overall...welcome


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            Welcome Angela Jason. We're always happy to answer any questions we know the answer to. As a medical student I hope you will share your knowledge with us also.

            Unfortunately this is a fairly new field. It really started about 10 - 12 years ago, although some of the basic knowledge was know 30 - 40 years ago and ignored. For the medical history and current information, I'd recommend Ancestral Health and Weston A. Price, on
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