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Six Pack By Santa Challenge

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  • Six Pack By Santa Challenge

    Hello , I have just completed my first week of primal living, I'm amazed at how it suits me eating all the fatty meats I've been told to avoid. C.V sucks....
    Bacon is my new best friend !
    Anyway I'm setting myself a challenge to get healthy and drop this flab for good.
    I'm currently at 270 lb after dropping 7 lb in the last 7 days. (Male 36 years old, 5ft 8")
    So I figured its approximately 6 months till Christmas and I am aiming to get under 200 lb by then !

    I just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for all the knowledge shared on this site....

    Penchant For Pig .....

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    It's not unrealistic to drop 70 lbs in 6 months. I've just dropped 35 lbs in about 2 months (Male, 6ft 2", 35 yrs old, start 268 lbs) myself, which has been the easiest weight loss I've every experienced.

    Once you settle properly into low-ish carb (I usually go between 20g - 75g-ish per day) you're hunger should subside considerably. Take advantage of that and mix up your days with Intermittent Fasting (IF). Skip breakfast when it feels right, even lunch if it works for you - but it has to feel right. Mix low-ish carb, lots of good nutrition, IF and lots of slow moving it should continue to melt away.

    I've no doubt my journey will get harder some time soon, I have another 37 lbs myself to go and I just know it's going to stall at some point. I've started lifting in anticipation of that stall, and I'm now starting to introduce the sprints too (basketball). It's a fantastic feeling to feel in control again. I definitely feel like you need the support of your family though as it's foreign to them, but when they see how much better you look and feel, they'll soon forget about it.

    Don't forget to enjoy the odd glass of red wine as a reward



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      Cheers for the advice big tim and good luck building on your fantastic results so far .....

      Penchant For Pig .....


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        Good start.

        Your real weight loss will start after another week - don't always expect it to drop that quick.

        Good luck.


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          Thank of those you love and give the gift which keeps giving all year long such as gift of health, fitness, and feeling great!Friends well treat yourself as well.........

          Best wishes