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Site newbie, and primal newbier.

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  • Site newbie, and primal newbier.


    I've been reading a bunch about people with similar desires and experiences as mine for a while, and I figured maybe I should share some, too.

    I only first tried to change my diet a little over a month ago, so I don't know if I'm an expert just yet on what this lifestyle is really like. It still confuses me a bit, to be honest.

    Like wheat! I stopped eating wheat, but my whole appetite went with it. So yeah I'm losing weight, but I'm rarely eating at all. I think I'm doing something wrong... everyone here seems to love food (me too!) but without an appetite I can't really enjoy it.

    That's a lot of thoughts in one place.

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    Wheat and other grains are sort of addictive. It is natural to have few cravings once you are on Paleo/Primal. But no appetite at all is unusual.
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      Hey waffles, congratulations on kicking the wheat habit.

      While I don't have cravings as such, if I run through a list of foods in my mind, the things I still feel desire for at this moment are the ones I've given up. But it's early and I'm not actually hungry. If I think of good primal foods, my mind is saying - well, yes, but you're not hungry. Whereas if I think of the kind of foods I used to snack on or overeat, then my brain is still going - hell, yes! But when it gets to later in the day and I'm actually hungry, I'll feel like eating and enjoy my food.

      Huh, don't know if that makes sense, but what I'm saying it that your old 'appetite' may not have been normal and it may take some time to adjuts to what should really be normal.
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        The first couple of weeks after cutting out wheat and dairy my need for food seemed to drop off and I almost had to force myself to eat lunch every day. breakfast was auto pilot with an egg and meat even if I was not hungry. Now I don't have the food cravings and I just eat on auto pilot but enjoy the clean tasting food.


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          Maybe try eating more non-grain carbs/starches.