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    Primal Embryo... As in I JUST STARTED!! Haha.
    Monday, 6/17, I found out that after 28 years of life, I am gluten intolerant. Since that day, I have drastically changed my ways and eliminated all wheat and corn products from my diet. Four days later, and I've dropped 5 pounds, my IBS is practically gone, and I'm not nodding off all the dang time at my desk at work. It is absolutely amazing. I was previously considering going vegetarian or vegan, and was discussing it with a relatively new friend who was fit, and when he looked at my diet notes I'd taken and saw whole grains on it, he looked at me and said "this looks good, but the grains have got to go."
    He mentioned Mark's book, and is going to get it for me (since I am on his "good karma" list), but in the mean time I did some research and found this website. I've been pouring through it and reading everything I can, which impressed my friend since I had a ton of info to discuss with him the very next day, and man am I happy that I talked to him in the first place!
    I'm going to take before pictures this weekend, or tonight, so I can catch myself still at my fattest I've been in 3 years. I really want to see the difference.
    Before, I was married to an alcoholic, and had blimp-ed up to 350lbs on my 5'9" frame. I felt gross! When we divorced and I was living on my own away from alcohol, I dropped 60lbs right away (literally in 3 months) and didn't even notice it until my pants literally fell off. Luckily I was at home when THAT happened. From there I got down to the skinniest I've ever been fully grown, to 197lbs. Since having to move in with my parents almost 3 years ago and working a desk job, I've gained about 40lbs of it back, and I can feel the difference of just that amount. Ugh.
    So here I am, full fledged DIVING into this new world of primal living, and I honestly have never been so excited in my life! In just the last few days, I have had such a dramatic turn around in just the way that I feel that I took a pregnancy test just to make sure that this glow wasn't from, you know!
    I absolutely can't wait to see this evolve, and see how I evolve over the next few years and the rest of my life. I will never touch grain again!
    Today, as I was eating my lunch of tuna salad with chia seeds and hard boiled eggs, I (not thinking) grabbed a little package of saltines that I had saved for an occasion such as this and was about to open them when I had the where-with-all to turn it over and look at the ingredients... CONTAINS WHEAT practically set sirens off in my head (I get a lot of those, I'm an EMT lol) and I immediately threw it in the trash. HOLY MOLY! Close call.
    Anywho, this weekend I am going shopping for goodies to stock up on, stuff to keep in my car (cooler style) and studying Primal Blueprint cover to cover and pouring over this website some more.
    Have I mentioned I'm excited?!
    Reasons I'm excited...
    *Increase in energy
    *Continuing this amazing energy (because if its this good this soon, I can only imagine how it's going to be weeks from now)
    *Losing weight and keeping it off
    *Toning up
    *Enjoying life instead of watching it pass by
    *Shopping in a REGULAR sized section of clothing stores
    * (gasp) wearing a bathing suit?!
    *Living longer
    *No more IBS!
    *No diseases or illnesses that are present in my family
    *Being an AWESOME me!

    So, here we go. Grok I come. HA!

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    kitten, I'm so happy you're excited about it all. I'm gluten intolerant as well (and so is my sister). I had added in brown rice to my diet for the last few months and found the 15lbs I'd lost I've gained back. I'm 5'10 so it's easy to hide. I'm back on this 100% (well, 80/20 because I won't beat myself up if I slide a little). Keep going a day at a time and before you know it you'll be feeling the best and looking the best you ever have!


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      out of curiosity were you a Marine or is your family?


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        I'm not, but my father was and I come from a huge military family. I'm a huge armed forces fan, and may possibly join the Navy once I get in better shape to go medic.


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          That sounds exciting, the energy especially.

          There's nothing worse than feeling like your body won't give you everything your mind asks of it.


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            I'm a big fan of the Navy (joined it myself). Be sure to thank your Dad for his service for me!


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              Originally posted by bellincendio View Post
              I'm a big fan of the Navy (joined it myself). Be sure to thank your Dad for his service for me!
              What did you do in the Navy? I need to talk to a recruiter, but I want to be in better shape to survive boot camp haha


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                Originally posted by waffles View Post
                That sounds exciting, the energy especially.

                There's nothing worse than feeling like your body won't give you everything your mind asks of it.
                Exactly, I've felt so good so far, and my mom has been pretty supportive of it (which is surprising, coming from a southern family with all that good good food! haha)