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Newbie Intro...28 year old mom of one!

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  • Newbie Intro...28 year old mom of one!

    Hello Groks!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 28, mother to a beautiful baby girl who just turned one, wife and teacher. I'm starting PB this week and today is my first day. I am currently addicted to grains, so if I seem to be in a bad mood over the next week or so, it's because I'm getting "off the crack"! This endeavor makes me nervous because I do have a serious problem with sugar, and I know that my body is sensitive to it. I'm just flat out tired of feeling like crap after I eat a meal or binge on some sugar. The bloat, lethargy, crankiness....blah, just don't want FOOD to make me feel like that.

    I don't have much weight to lose (5'5" 150lbs), I do want to lean out a bit. I have a tendency to put on muscle very easily, but that also comes with putting on fat as well in certain places. I love to exercise! I have been a crossfitter for the last 2 years and love doing it. I also like to take walks and jogs with my daughter and reading PB, it's relaxing to know that I can just walk and relax with her instead of feeling like I have to be exerting myself. I get enough of that at crossfit.

    It's going to be hard to change my CW brain! I'm already thinking about my breakfast and how much I've eaten, as I sit here grazing on nuts and strawberries! Enjoyed my eggs (the WHOLE thing) this morning, and I'm hoping I don't freak out about the calories I'm consuming.

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    Do be a little bit sensitive to that "grazing" on nuts and fruit...try to just eat when hungry. Even those goodies can slow you down.
    Andy Martin Colorado Springs
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    -let's join together to stop this trend of obesity-


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      Thanks Jeep!

      I put away the nuts when I finished the cup of strawberries I had. I'm VERY afraid of overeating!! Now I keep wondering when the sugar craving will hit and if I'm actually hungry or my brain is playing tricks on me My goal is to kick the processed stuff first, so I'm not worrying too much about fruit right now...I'll re-evaluate that after I've cut the other junk. I just hope I can stick to this! More positive thinking this time and that I'm not taking out foods, I'm just eating better and enjoying the taste of different foods!


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        Welcome! I'm doing something similar to you - cutting out processed foods first.


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          Originally posted by spearchick View Post
          I'm VERY afraid of overeating!!
          Be afraid of overeating carbs (from fruits and nuts), but not of total calories. Watch out for over-eating protein only if you are fat-phobic. If you eat enough fat, then it shouldn't be a problem.


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            I found the easiest way to start was to eliminate anything with high fructose corn syrup. That pretty much cuts out most of the processed foods right there, and will go a long way to lowering your sweet tooth. You enjoy the real maple syrup (and eat less of it!) when you pay $20 for the bottle instead of $3 for a large container of HFCS... once you are halfway there, the transition to lower carb altogether is much, much easier.

            Also, willpower isn't all it is cracked up to be. The best behavioral modification technique is developing disgust. Read "The Unhealthy Truth" or "The End of Overeating" and anything you can find on HFCS, trans fats, and PUFAs (particularly the processed, omega 6 variety). Use your imagination about what will happen in your liver and arteries if you are about to consume some designer food. Build up your sense of outrage that the developed worlds' peoples have been transformed into ailing hamsters waiting for the next cheap pellet of sweet, salt, and fake fat. Watch "Food, Inc." and imagine Donald Rumsfeld (former kingpin of Searle, who makes NutraSweet) grinning at you over every can of Diet Coke. Once I developed my disgust to a good level (it took a while, but it is fully developed), I get a little sick if I even think about eating processed foods. It's taking a little longer to get over the "wholesome" whole grains (a lot easier to turn down a weird sweet McDonalds hamburger bun than a yummy fresh loaf of homemade wheat bread), but I'm working on it.


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              Thanks Bisous! That is actually very intuitive and make so much sense to me! I turned down some pizza today because I kept thinking of what the crust would do to me Still struggle with the sweet stuff, but trying to give myself the benefit of the doubt and realize that, for me, changing the way I eat is not going to happen overnight...I've been doing this for 28 years! So if I slip up, I've decided that I'm not going to beat myself up, just do better next time.