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  • Going Primal Down Under!

    Hello all,

    Johnny Vassa here from the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia!

    I have just joined this great community and am amazed at how obvious it is becoming to eat primal yet everyone in authority and with qualifications that the general public trust are still churning out the same old "60% carb, low-fat diet" B.S.

    How did I get here?

    Well, until I arrived in OZ eleven years ago, I was a healthy, active, happy person; lots of play time, kick-boxing, mountain bike, beach, kayak etc. Then, I concentrated on career, resulting in long hours, poor exercise, no play, not happy person.

    Last year as a result of the GFC, I was made redundant and as much as that hurt financially, this was the wake up call needed. Arounnd the same time my wife was diagnosed as diabetic; what annoyed me most about this was the fact that it was her regular doctor who diagnosed her, offered to put her on medication and recommended the normal 50-60% carb diet! Then to top it off admitted that she herself is diabetic, on this same diet and simply injecting insulin!!!!!!!

    This got me researching big time. I done some reading on about metabolism and insulin and decided to restrict processed food from my diet. What resulted confirmed my suspicions; before changing diet I was 43yrs old 5 foot 6 inches, 158 lbs. and 23% BF. Nine months later, I am 140 lbs. and 15% BF! The only real exercise I have been doing is two walks daily with my dog, some infrequent bodyweight exercises and some fun on the beach. So as Mark says; eat primal, lift heavy things, play, get some sun. SIMPLE ENYOYABLE FUN!

    So I joined MDA today 1. as a testament that this works and 2. to join like minded people so that I can help them and they can help me.

    BTW, PrimalCon looked great! To all the Aussies out there, we have two options: next year we organize a group to travel to Malibu or we organize an Aussie version and invite Mark and everyone else to come see us!

    That's it for now, great to be a part of this community, looking forward to speaking to and getting to know you all better,

    Johnny Vassa

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    I live on the Gold Coast too Johnny! I'm so down for an Aussie Primal Con!


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      Welcome Johnny, glad everything is working for ya! From Perth here, I think an Aus Primal Con would be an awesome idea (especially on the gold coast!).

      I wonder what it would take to get Mark over here
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