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Hello from Mexico!!!

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  • Hello from Mexico!!!

    Well, hello everyone! I've been an active reader of the site for a little less than a year now, but I just joined the forums today.

    My name is Alan, I'm a 21 year old college student from Mexico. I was born in Durango (northeast) but now I'm studying in Monterrey (northwest, little south from Texas). I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering, which translates in very little time to cook and such, but when I do it, I enjoy it thoroughly.

    Right now I've been on and off the PB for almost four months. Before it I wasn't that bad, but I used to eat a lot of cereal and pasta (which are off now) and rice. In Mexico, rice it's kinda huge so it's a little unavoidable.

    I want to try and modify some mexican recipes so they can go a little more primal. Since the mexican cuisine is huge and varies widely through the country, that can take a while, but I know it's doable. Mexican food is really healthy, actually, and not like the one they serve in the US (and I'm speaking from a very personal experience). If I get any success, I'll try and post it up.

    Well, that's me! See you around, and thanks for stopping to read!!!

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    Cool! Glad to have yet another fellow North American on board here.

    Let us know how your attempts to adapt Mexican style cooking to Primal style turn out. We like eating, and Mexican food is deffintely tasty.