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    Hi Lisa, I'm in a similar situation to you. I'm 22, 5'1 and I'm sitting at 113 lbs (just lost 7! YAY). I'm hoping to be around 100 with that being mainly muscle rather than fat seeing as I was recently at 25% BF.

    Part of the struggle with food is going to be sheer brute willpower, especially if you live with other people who don't follow a similar ideology as you. Like the others said, find alternatives. I've got a really bad sweet tooth and I've found that green apples do wonders. Same with sprinkling an avocado with a little bit of stevia. You also need to remember that this is a long term change, and that you are going to slip up and indulge in something you know you shouldn't have. Don't beat yourself up if you do. Just remind yourself why you're doing this, and keep moving forward. Also, don't focus on what you "cant" have. Think of all the things you do love that you can still have (assuming that you do love veggies and meats, seeing as everyone loves fruit ).

    As for going to the gym, what kind of workouts do you do? Do you lift free weights, use weight machines or do you use the cardio machines? How long are you usually there? How often? You'll need to be aware of how much you're doing because that will in return affect your nutrition and what you need to eat/ how much you need to eat. It can also contribute to the amount of cravings for things you will get, besides the normal detoxing ones.

    Hope that helps! If you wanna know anymore, feel free to friend me and send me a message.


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      Ashley, congratulations on your results so far, and on finding ways to get around your cravings. Be assured that the need for "sheer brute willpower" will taper off as your relationship with food changes over time. Your taste for real quality food will mean that the desire for the unhealthy items will fade and turn to disgust. When this happens, temptation is gone and no willpower needed Best wishes.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Thank you all so much for the feedback.
        ashleyisbister: I was doing just cardio before for up to an hour 3-4 times a week. I'm now doing a mixture of cardio and weights (weight machines) 3-4 times a week but not going as full on as I was previously. I think you are right though about exercising too much causing the large appetite! Rather than the gym being a chore now, I have a gym buddy and its very social which I good for me, especially with a high stress job.

        After a week I have lost a couple of kg, feeling more alert, very happy all the time and I don't feel like I'm hung over everyday due to headaches, I'm guessing these were caused by the amount of sugar I was eating! Feeling very positive and motivated
        My brother ordered the primal blueprint cookbook so this week we are starting to make the meals out of these, quite looking forward to it.