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    I have been researching The Primal Blueprint and I am naturally progressing in its direction about 70:30. I am going to commit to it 100% for the next month. Does this lifestyle help with female hair loss? I have been really sick with a weakened immune system and I am losing hair by the bucket load, which is very worrying. I am looking for a solution to stem the flow and encourage regrowth. I am 30.

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    hey, welcome aboard.

    It really depends on the cause of your hair loss. If you are deficient in iron or ferritin (can you get a blood test for this), eating primal/paleo could help a lot, but you may need to supplement to speed up the process. You may also have hormonal imbalances, which this could also help with, but you would need to get your hormonal levels checked by a doctor in order to be sure. Have you seen a doctor about the hairloss?
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      Make sure you are getting sufficient calories and most of all adequate amount of carbs. I lose hair by the handfull anytime i eat below 80 - 90 g. But then it's individual. Some people do well on very low-carb.


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        Search for it

        You can learn more about it through searching on youtubes..............