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  • looking forward to a healthier lifestyle

    I always considered myself a healthy eater, eating fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice etc. wholegrain cereals conforming to what I believe at the time what were healthy guidelines. I would exercise 4-5 times a week so in theory I should be healthy. I have been on diets and I have lost weight however during those times I have felt really hungry and binged on the wrong food. So a few weeks a go I read some articles regarding low carb diets and primal diets purchased a book and thought you know what this all makes sense and what I have noticed that since I have been following this life style though still not rigidly I have noticed benefits I am loosing weight around my stomach, I don't feel hungry, and i feel more energetic. I now wonder has it all been a big lie, and should we now be teaching our future generations the old ways to stop an epidemic of obesity, to free our hospital beds from overweight related illnesses. Still time will tell and if enough of us benefit from this way of life maybe governments and health officials will take notice. or does the food industry have a vested interest to keep things as they, with lots of money being invested to lobby politicians to stop changes, or has the lie been going on for so long now it's hard to say you know what we got it wrong. Still I am looking forward to seeing the improvements that will happen

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    Conventional Wisdom has a lot of momentum behind it and you can not change peoples' minds, they have to change themselves. SWMBO has seen my results over the last year and still believes I'm eating all wrong, even though I lost 60lbs, was able to stop taking two blood pressure medications & inhalers for asthma, and don't get illnesses like I used to. I also stopped taking statins. My doctor says my "Cholesterol is high" but accepts it is my decision. I printed out information for her to show there is plenty of research showing statins are not all that wonderful and that "low Cholesterol" needn't be beneficial either.

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      I think it's mostly momentum at the moment, though I'm sure there's plenty of work going into keeping the current situation rolling. I do think it's going to take a gradual spread of people changing to a paleo/primal lifestyle, not just to lose weight, but to improve and maintain health and then as those people find it easier to stay primal and no reason to go back to CW ways, I think those around them will start to take notice. After all, everyone does some kind of diet for a few months or a year, but it's rare for people to convert completely. If we then demonstrate to health professionals and to our social circles that we can happily eat this way long-term and our health is also long-term, well, then I think people will start to take notice. But it's going to take time.

      Glad you're already feeling the benefits.
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