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Greetings from a newbie paleo runner

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  • Greetings from a newbie paleo runner

    Hello all! Greetings from Mexico!

    I am Morex, a new paleo guy and runner from Mexico.

    I am new to the paleo diet and have been doing it for about 3 weeks now and I feel fatastic. I am not sick of anything. I am not overweight. Just your regular and average guy.

    Though I'd come in and say hi because my story so far is a little fun and strange. I came to the primal world because of my girlfriend. She is a celiac and grains caused her a terrible cause of colitis.

    So last january we started doing the Shangri-La diet with great success. I am not overweight anymore and my girlfriend too. But her colitis was still bugging her pretty much every day.

    While being in Shangri-la we begun researching about natural cures for colitis and we found the paleo diet. We got the Paleo Answer book and got hooked. Then we found Mark's Daily Apple and discovered this wonnderful world and we started right away.

    "I am not sick", I thought, but as a runner I found the primal way would be of great benefit. But little did I know things weren't like that.

    Since I quit milk and dairy my nose flux stopped. This had been going all my life and I got used to it I though it was normal. No milk, no snot.

    And then there were the nosebleeds. Again, I had nosbleeds since I was a teenager. They became normal and doctors never found what it was... until I quit grains. No grains, no nosebleeds!!!

    And it gets better. Since I stopped eating grains, the canker sores went away! Amazing.

    As a runner I thought carbs were the way. Everybody says you have to eat a big ass plate of pasta, so I did that.

    But being apaleo runner is fantastic. I don't feel slow and my PR have improved.

    Long story short... I'm happy I'm here.

    What begun as a way to show support for my girlfried, ended up benefiting me as much as her.

    And I'm happy and grateful for that.

    Glad to be here. Hope I make great friends.

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    Welcome! I too, started paleo to support my husband. He is a type 1 diabetic, though he was never overweight paleo ended up being a great way to naturally control his blood sugar. I started about a month ago, I've lost 11lbs and I feel fantastic. Paleo is much easier with a supporter and follower so kudos to you for supporting your gf! Good luck with your journey, I hear it only gets better!!