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  • New Primal Poster!

    Hi everyone,

    Finally got round to registering here and I'll be trying to check in regularly and start posting here.

    A bit about me:

    My name's David and I'm 26 and from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I work as a Software Engineer - a job which I enjoy but which obviously doesn't involve too much exercise!

    Over the last 3 years or so I've been gradually starting to take note of what I eat and how much (or little) exercise I'm getting - my investigations into all things health related led me down many paths until a few months ago when I discovered Mark's Daily Apple.

    About a month ago I bought the Primal Blueprint book. No other approach to health and fitness has ever made so much sense to me - from the food choices to the approach to exercise, I felt I was reading somehting that 'just felt right', and far from being a restrictive diet, would be a fun and healthy way to live.

    Unlike alot of people here I am not looking to lose weight - just improve my fitness and overall health. I am an ectomorph and since cleaning up my diet over the last few years my body fat is under 10% - but I am a little bit underweight so ideally I'd like to add a bit of muscle. At the moment I probably eat about 60% primal, and my exercise consists of about 6 hours a week walking at a moderate pace and once doing a 20 minute 'sprint' type session on the exercise bike as reccomended in the PB. Over the next few months I'm planning on joining a gym and cleaning up my diet even further.

    Looking forward to learning more about primal living from you all! Grok on!

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    So good to see another person from Belfast on here!

    Btw Dave I can't message you or respond to your comment because you haven't activated it in your profile.



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      Whoops, got that bit sorted now I think!