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  • Today is the day

    Hello all,

    I've taken the plunge today for the first time.

    I don't have as interesting a back story as some; basically I'm out of shape and overweight after a few years of inactivity. Although I generally don't eat too badly, I've realised after years of neglect it's time to love my body more. So out go:

    Pork pies (mmmmmmmm)
    Fish and chips
    Beer (sob)
    Tea (and I drink lots of it)

    and all the other bad stuff I feed my body with. Reading back - that looks a really bad list! To clarify - fish and chips once every 8 weeks, 2/3 beers twice a week and a pork pie about once every 6 isn't as bad as it first seems. I've started on the paleo diet; banana for breakfast (ok not that great a start), salad with lean pork, 8 oz steak with stir fry, 2 handfuls of pistachio nuts eaten today, which doesn't look like a lot when written down - however I feel quite full and satisfied.

    Tomorrow morning is salmon and eggs for breakfast, then large salad for lunch with tuna and roast chicken and vegetables for tea (that's what us northerners in England call dinner).

    I'm targetting a 20 pound fat loss in 6 weeks - overall I'd like to go from the 219.5 pounds from this morning's starting point to 182 pounds whilst also adding lean muscle (just about right for 6 feet and one inch if you ask me).

    Next steps are to sort out some exercise routines, try and make the next paleo shopping trip a tad cheaper and to dig out the "thin" clothes from the wardrobe as additional motivation.

    Anyway, it's great to be here.


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    Welcome and good luck! I regularly eat banana for breakfast, although I prefer eggs and bacon or salmon if I have the time, banana for me works really well also.
    Healthy is the new wealthy.


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      I'm a big eggs and bacon or steak man in the morning. If the banana bugs you, cut it in half and toss in some leafy greens.


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        Welcome, congrats on embarking on this journey; good luck!
        Follow my progress at ->Journal: My Body Revival


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          Thanks to Owen, Paleo0731 and PRO199 for your comments.

          One week in and things are going quite well. I haven't touched bread, pasta, grain or dairy since. Chocolates received for Fathers Day remain resolutely unopened until I decide when I'd like a sugar based treat.

          Couple of glasses of wine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night which I'll not have this weekend. No pork pie or crisp cravings although I'm gagging for a cup of tea.....have to figure that one out.

          Anyway, after 1 week I've lost 5.5 pounds, which is a good start. Still haven't sorted out my exercise plan, although I've had some good long football kickabouts with my son....I'll have a wander over to the Fitness forum and see what I can find there.

          Enjoying things so far - not been tempted by much on my forbidden list.

          All the best to everyone.