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  • Giving this a try...

    I have done it all..

    I did Weight Watchers lost 120 lbs...gained back 60 of it. Now I want to relose that 60 lbs and maybe 10 extra lbs.

    I have Celiacs Disease which led to the weight gain. I did the CORE plan on Weight Watchers and lost all the weight. Life took over and I started eating the grains and sweets again. The weight just came on. Once I figured out that I have Celiacs Disease I understood WHY I gained weight so quickly. Also why when I eat any type of wheat my stomach feels like I have a lead rock in it.

    I also have a peanut allergy and had a very bad reaction the other day. I really wish my stomach would react to wheat the way it does to peanuts. It was VERY scarey.

    When I am not fighing the nastiest allergies I am pretty active. I do spinning classes, ride my bike, I work at a horse farm shoveling stalls a couple days a week. I also am a full time student, and work full-time. '

    My biggeswt issue is FOOD. I love to eat and really need to stop eating the bad stuff. I hope that this will get rid of all those sweet cravings. I just ordered the book.

    OH and I am an engineer so I will dissect this wa of living to death and follow it to the T. I will stil do modified WW but the simply filling/CORE plan. Old habits die hard of writing down what I eat.

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    Hi Katie! Good luck with your weight loss and health.

    I'm only in my second week of PB and just getting through the 'low carb flu' headaches and lightheadedness as my body adjusts.

    I've been haunting the forums since I discovered Mark's Daily Apple, I'm almost obsessed - I'd read bits about carbs before but never really managed to put it into practice. So having a 'plan' and a supportive network is brilliant.


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      Once you cut out the carbs, get over your sugar addiction, and only eat when you are truly hungry, not just going through the motions, you won't want to go back.
      Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
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      I set up a Facebook Group for all those who are eating and living Paleo/Primal


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        I am in a similar situation with grains and dairy - I eat them and I blow up like a balloon...
        stop eating them and I feel great...

        My experience has been that after about 2 weeks of 100% primal (and no dairy) - I stopped having the insatiable appetite. Gone! I can now wake up in the morning, and if I don't want to eat... I don't! No sick feeling, no blood sugar crash... no headache or nausea.

        I would recommend trying a challenge for a month (go 100% Primal) and it will definitely get you over the carb/sugar addiction.... a lot of us on here can relate - and you will get tons of support.

        It is worth the miserable first week or two of missing bread, etc... the reqrd is worth it. Be sure to eat enough fat - it helps keep your appetite down.
        Good luck!


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          I have the book on order...I am a book nerd...I like to read.

          My friend wants to know how it goes. She might put her hubby on it.

          The hardest part for me will be the social events that I attend. Today we were at a Mexican place....


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            Once you're ajusted, my understanding is that it's okay to cut yourself some slack occasionally, and just pick the best options you can and not stress over it. Not so good during the initial acclimatization phase though. Most places do have reasonable options - Mexican i'm thinking beef tacos (leave the tacos) and Guacamole dip, maybe ask for some veggie sticks.

            One good thing about low-carb is that I find I'm eating smaller volumes and don't get as hungry, so if I have to just nibble, that's okay. Most people don't seem to notice, they are used to women eating like birds.


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              Hi Katie!
              I'm new to this too! I'm currently reading PB and even though I haven't read the whole thing, what I have read is enough to at least make me give this a shot. I'm like some of the other posters on this thread, I don't want to be a slave to food and for it to have some sort of voodoo power over me. Plus, I like a challenge and giving up processed junk and grains is a HUGE challenge. Not counting calories is strange scares me a little...