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  • New Here! Excited!

    Hi there, my name is Kaytee. Definitely excited to join this forum and be able to meet people with my same interests.

    My husband and I have always had a relatively good diet, but it wasn't until my husband joined a Crossfit gym a year ago that we were introduced to the paleo way of life. We continued our regular lifestyle.. Eating mainly clean but still consuming grains and dairy and the occasional alcoholic beverages. My husband (Felipe) was asked to join his boxes comp team last month and I think that instance is what really geared us into paleo living.

    Felipe started paleo 100% about a month ago. The changes were incredible! Not just physically (of course he has always been easy on the eye..) but his health change was amazing. He is a type 1 diabetic and always had fluctuating sugars, high cholesterol runs in his family which lead him to be on medication for that along with his insulin. Even though we have led a pretty healthy lifestyle, his mood swings were ridiculous, he was always stressed and tired. Just being on paleo for a month has his blood sugar regulated at about 90 constantly. He has gone from 10 units of insulin per meal down to 1. He is off of his cholesterol medication, I just can't express how awesome these changes have been!

    Felipe's story leads to my personal journey... I decided to get on board with my husband about 3 weeks ago. So far, I have been about 90% paleo. I still have Greek yogurt and cottage cheese from time to time, which I am trying to ween myself off of. I have switched my morning cup of joe to a small cup of green tea every morning (which was really hard, I love coffee.) I really have no problem with the consumption of vegetables. I am cutting back from fruit to about 1-2 servings per day. So far I have lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks. My clothes are already starting to fall of me, I have so much energy, I feel like I can push myself harder during workouts.

    I am really enjoying this paleo thing, I plan to stick this thing out because I have never felt as great as I do now.

    Thanks for taking a minute to read my story and I look forward to making friends and obtaining as much information as I can from this great forum and everyone that has something to offer!

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    Welcome Kaytee! Sounds like you guys are doing great.


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      Thanks guys! )


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        Hi Kaytee and welcome, there are a ton of wonderful people here and always willing to help.

        Like your husband I have high cholesterol. That is why I'm here. I'm new, 5 weeks in.

        As a fellow coffee person, you are brave to give it up. I started to drink it black, now I add heavy whipping cream and coconut oil. Blend it in my magic bullet and now just love it. I looked at the Paleo life style a while ago (recommendation of a friend) but did not want to give up dairy. Years go by and another friend introduced me to Primal, because I could keep my dairy, I was sold.

        Anyway, welcome.
        Happiness &
        "add a food"


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          Hi Gwynnda! Well the coffee thing didn't last very long. *Sigh...

          I starting having one small cup of coffee in the morning- black. So it's not so bad

          Have you noticed any changes with your cholesterol yet? I have never been a huge fun of dairy so that part was easy for me to let go..


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              Don't frown on a cup coffee, kreyes. Especially if its black. At least it's not juice or a can of pop in the morning.


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                Yea, you're right! I'm not going to feel bad about it. I haven't touched dairy in a week! So I think coffee will be fine