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Thought I'd say hi, and possibly ask my first question? :-)

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  • Thought I'd say hi, and possibly ask my first question? :-)

    Hi there,

    Just thought i'd say hi i'm new to this primal way of eating. Been reading the site since finding it a few days ago. I'm hoping by going primal I can start to feel alive again, I spend most days with stomach pains (IBS issues according to the doctor, and just feeling crappy after eating some foods.

    My only question is I cant seem to find a list of foods you can and cannot eat, I've found the pyramid diagram, but nothing more.

    Any help would be great appreciated.

    Many thanks :-)


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    Hi I'm on day 3 so not exactly an expert. Have you read the book - if you are in UK rutland then I got mine for 6 delivered off Amazon. I haven't finished it yet but there is lots of useful info in there. The basic principles are no grain so cereal,bread, pasta, crisps. They could be affecting your IBS anyway (tbh I'm hoping it helps with mine too), and make sure that you eat your protein and fat. The way I've been trying to work it out is if you can hunt or forage for it then you can have it - if its in its natural state. also one thing that people have said to me is to try and be primal 100 percent of the time is really difficult if you aim for about 80/20 and adapt it to suit you that's fine. Oh yes and be careful how much fruit you have as lots of sugar and don't eat peanuts even though they are a nut as they are a legume (which I still haven't worked out what that is) - hope this has been a bit helpful as I say I'm winging it to be honest but when I've written my little blog people have commented and said that I seem to have grasped the concept and am eating the right things. Good Luck


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      Hey thanks for the reply, least I'm not alone starting this, I've done some checks on YouTube and there is some great pale bread recipes which seems to fit the primal way of life, using coconut flour and almond flour which I believe are OK to use :-) I appreciate the reply, is that the book the primal blue print !!? Yeah it is UK Rutland, just need to work out a meal plan, are you following some sort of plan?!

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        Hi there and welcome

        The eating plan is rather straightforward:
        - don't eat grains, refined sugars and flours, legumes, vegetable oils and seed oils.
        - eat anything that you can kill, pick or dig out easily, preferably organic and grass-fed / pastured. It has to be nutritious (meats / fish / eggs / organs / tubers / fruits / veggies if you like).
        - adapt your fat and carb content according to your preference: if you are obese, lower your carbs and add good fat (butter / cocnut oil) up to your caloric requirements. keep protein adequate regardless of fats and carbs. If you are OK with higher carbs, have potatoes, starchy veggies and occasional white rice.

        Nuts, seeds and some veggies have anti-nutrients that you want to avoid. Either soak them or ferment them to remove most of the phytic acid which will decrease proper micro-nutrient absorption.

        The rest: sleep plenty, work out and prefer high intensity interval training rather than long and often stressing cardio training. Get sunshine whenever you can (UK is not known for an extravagant amount of sunlight ...) and supplement with vitamin D otherwise. And don't snack or graze all day long. Have maybe 2 meals max and good ones at that. Cook yourself most of the time.


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          Hi Brophski,
          don't over think it
          1. lots of vegetables - cooked and raw ( have a great big salad every day )
          2. protein ( about the size of your palm )
          3. add fat - cook with it, and add it - cream, butter, olive oil, avocados, olives.
          4. carbs in the form of potatoes, sweet pots, carrots, onions, squash/pumpkins - you have to play about with your daily intake to see how they make you feel - I do best with a carby breakfast but others like carbs for dinner.
          I live in London and have gone primal shopping mostly in Lidl, at my local market and my local butcher - I really love this way of eating - don't stress too much and ENJOY !!


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            and of course - WELCOME - where are my manners ??!!


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              Welcome Brophski! Here's the list:

              My journal:


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                Hi Brophski, don't be afraid to ask, but also if you check out the archives, you'll find Mark has covered most things in his blog articles as well as in the book.

                The bottom line for primal is - eat meat, fish and veggies and healthy fats and some fruit and nuts. Avoid grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils etc) as these have plant toxins in them which have evolved to try to prevent animals from eating them. Our guts never evolved the specialist chambers (like cows or rabbits) or bacteria or enzymes to deal with these specific plant toxins, so while they might not make us sick immediately, they can have a cumulative effect. Other groups that may cause problems are nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers) which are related to deadly nightshade and so yes, have lesser plant toxins and also dairy products which we may be able to tolerate, but like the plants may be causing invisible but cumulative damage to the gut lining. And sugar is just too omnipresent while adding nothing to in the way of nutrients.

                Personally I appear to digest lactose fine, but it turns out that the milk proteins have been responsible for my 35 solid years of bad acne. So, despite loving dairy, I've cut it out. Mark suggests you figure out what works for you and if dairy works, then fine. His suggestion of complying 80% to get most of the benefits of primal and have 20% leeway allows most of us to find a sweet spot for health and weight loss if that's what we're looking for.

                So, yes, if you build your meals around meat and fish (grass-fed or wild-caught prefered, but conventional is better than nothing) and healthy fats - saturated or mono-unsaturated and avoiding the omega6 veggies oils as much as possible - then you're mostly there. My meat is mostly conventional and I don't buy much organic veg, but I buy free-range eggs (and eat a lot) and I cook exclusively now with coconut oil. Personally, though Mark suggests 50 - 100g carbs for the sweet spot of weight loss, I do better on very low carb. Other people include white rice or sweet potatoes to boost their carbs and fruit is one of those things that'varies probably the most.

                I'm afraid it's really a case of experimenting to figure out what works best for you.
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                  I know it wasn't my post but thank you all so much for the information it was so concise and helpful - as a newbie I need to find my feet and that was great

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