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    Hi, I am Eric. I usually just lurk but i had to post. After being 90% primal for the last 9 months and feeling great and down 30 pounds I have messed up bad. It started small, no time to cook and nothing healthy to buy and since then I have eaten pasta and even had fast food two nights in a row on my way to work. One little slip up and it's been down hill. Please give me some advice or support.

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    Relax and get back on the horse. No beating yourself up! It happens to many of us at first.
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      Only two nights? If you did a days being primal vs days being non primal over that time it would look minuscule. Don't let small cheats ruin your great progress. I went to Thailand a couple of months ago and I cheated for the entire 3 weeks I was there! I felt physically crap obviously but when I came back from the holiday continued being primal. Don't stress!!


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        I keep telling myself that it isn't much in the grand scheme of things but I have a medical screening for a new job in two days and now I'm worried that my numbers will be bad due to my poor diet lately. I'm so worried I can't bring myself to eat any of the three dozen yard eggs I have at the house for fear it will raise my LDL numbers, and I love eggs. They are my staple.


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          I doubt that two days will make that much difference. And I can't imagine that eating some eggs now will have any significant effect on your LDL. However, stressing out might make a difference. It all depends on what they are testing for. Good luck!
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