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today's the day - doing it from the other side of the pond

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  • today's the day - doing it from the other side of the pond

    So last night I made the decision after about 7 hours of research and reading other people's experience that maybe this could just be the thing for me. I am a diet company's dream - this year alone I've been on weightwatchers, slimming world and also had a stint at Insanity with Sean T! - but nothing is working.

    Again I will throw myself into this with 2 feet and my fellow colleagues and friends will roll their eyes and say here she goes again, but this time I'm going to be accountable for my actions by posting my daily blog for all to see! even if it is just me that reads it - lets face it who is going to sit through all this waffle day in/day out!

    so here I go - my very first eating journal - hopefully at 42 this is going to be my epiphany!!

    Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and a small handful of walnuts
    snack - banana, nectarine, satsuma (yes I know too much fruit probably but I have to get rid of it out of the fridge and cannot afford to chuck it away)
    lunch - tuna which I mixed with the natural layer of my activia yoghurt before you get to the fruit bits (again another thing I have to use up) which was mixed with red and yellow peppers and red onion. I also had 2 carrot sticks.
    I've been drinking hot water on its own for over a month now so I'm at least over the milk hurdle.

    dinner - I've just eaten lamb and salad with a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds sprinkled over my salad. My only vice I had a knife spread of mint sauce as it just tastes horrible without any taste. Need to organise myself to make my own primal mint sauce - can anyone suggest how.

    One positive I haven't felt hungry but then I have been very busy today so I will see tomorrow - not sure what to have for lunch tomorrow but I have some lamb left over so could eat that.

    so all in all feeling quite good but its only 7pm and I stil have the rest of the evening to get through - this is my danger zone as I just run in and out of the cupboard all night - will report back tomorrow

    Update it's now nearly 11pm and I've only had about 3 pistachios, 2 almonds and half a handful of sunflower seeds mixed with pumpkin seeds - not really felt like picking but also have been ironing so distracted
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    Welcome England Lass! Sounds like you are off to a good start. Experiment and see what works for you.

    Someone is bound to tell you to throw out everything that isn't strict Primal. Some folks need that. I didn't.

    Good luck on Primal!
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      Thank you for your good wishes - on second day now and seems to be ok just had the leftover lamb from last night- will write my blog again later as I think it will help me stay focussed. :-)

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      so here I am back on my second day - still winging it a bit as my book hadn't arrived until I got home from work. However started the day off with some greek yoghurt (not entirely sure if that's ok but someone had said they had some on a post so I guess it must be ok) - mixed half a teaspoon of manuka honey - a few almonds, a few brazils, a few cashews (when I say a few I do mean 2! as I know that I need to watch nut intake and a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
      I then had some fruit later on in the morning.


      B greek yoghurt, manuka honey, nuts, seeds

      snack - 2 raw carrots, satsuma, nectarine

      lunch - left over lamb with a slither of mince sauce

      snack - handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds

      D - 3 egg omelette - mixed with skimmed milk, peppers, tiny bit of grated cheese and red onion

      then as its my weigh in day and I always go crazy on a wednesday- I've had some dark chocolate and a few haribo!! - not very primal but back on it tomorrow.

      I'm starting to be of the mindset that where I've been going wrong - apart from going crazy every wednesday is grains and white carbs. For I don't know how many years I've had porridge every day for breakfast and then if I've not had breakfast I've had toast! - it will be interesting to see whether cutting out grains has an effect.

      just got to get through this evening without picking now then on to tomorrow again. Note to self - not really been hungry again today which has to be a positive thing and not feeling light headed which the Atkins Diet had made me feel. Fingers crossed an 80/20 approach will work....

      I am now going to attempt to read the book to hopefully get more of an idea.
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        Hi, Englandlass! Wow, sounds like we have a lot in common, other than being on opposite sides of the pond! I am 43, and I have tried so many different "diets" that I'd spend all day typing up the list. I am on day 5 of my Primal Journey. Welcome to MDA, and I hope your journey goes well!
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          Thanks for your message keep in touch and let me know how it's going

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            Evening! What you're eating looks pretty good (Admittedly brief read). I reckon you'll do just fine.


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              Thank you that's really good to know

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                Lot in common with me as well, englandlass. 43 here and almost two years primal. Been on every diet twice, at least. Lol, been a few bumps but I have lost 103 pounds and feel amazing. Keep up the good work. It is so worth it.


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                  Wow that's amazing well done what an incredible achievement. I really only need to lose about 20 or so pounds I can't get in many of the clothes in my closet which is really miserable but I refuse to buy more. I have dropped about 4 dress sizes in the last 8 year's but I've just stagnated now so need to try something new. Thank you for telling me your achievement that's really spurred me on

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                    Welcome, England Lass. You seem to have grasped the primal principles and having a good shot at applying them. I'm sure you will soon be noticing some real differences in the way you feel. By the way, have you taken your measurements yet? You may find they change real fast. From Annie Down Under, primal for almost 12 months.
                    Annie Ups the Ante


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                      Thanks Annie no I haven't I'm going to do that tonight as I haven't put my starting weight on there - have you noticed much difference in a year?

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                        So day 3 - pretty much the same as yesterday but I've wanted to snack quite a lot. This is just something that I need to get a handle on and nothing to do with being primal- it's just boredom when I'm on my own. I forgot to put my starting weight which is 162 lb target weight at the moment just to get down to under 154 lb and then 140lb then I would like to maintain between 140lb and 133lb - but at the moment would just be happy if I could get back into my clothes so that they feel comfortable - I also need to put my starting measurements on here.

                        As a recap

                        B Greek natural yogurt few nuts, and refer with Manuka honey

                        2 raw carrots, satsuma, some sunflower and pumpkin seeds

                        Lunch. 2 boiled eggs

                        Dinner steak cubes, medium sized baked potato, carrots, broccoli

                        Dark chocolate 40g got to cut this out also picked at my son's haribo!!

                        Definitely an improvement in what. I was eating and have had no grains or processed food but need to do better

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                          Well done England Lass, I expect you will be noticing a big difference in the way you feel, especially if you were eating lots of grains and processed items before.

                          For me, I felt different immediately I dropped the grains, even though I thought I was already eating a reasonably "healthy" diet. I evidently wasn't though, because now I know what it feels like to actually BE healthy and it's brilliant. You can read my journey in my journal (links below) if you like.

                          I had about a stone to lose (initially thought only about 10 lbs), and it came off very quickly with low-carb primal. Then I had to learn how to maintain, which was a little trickier but I would say I now have a handle on.

                          Learning how to put together a meal that still feels like a proper meal but has no grains took a while.

                          It's all fun though.
                          Annie Ups the Ante


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                            Thanks Annie for your encouragement - I've been grazing a bit since I got home today - it's a terrible habit when I'm on my own and one I need to break

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                              So now day 4 I seem to have a grasp of what I'm supposed to be eating its just this snacking in between meals that is my worst habit and it's not really snacking its grazing which is really not good. As I'm eating late tonight I've been at home on my own and even though I've mainly snacked on nuts and seeds I feel like I've overdone it - today so far I would say I've eaten about 4 handfuls of mixed nuts!!

                              B - 2 eggs scrambled

                              Snack sunflower and pumpkin seeds and 4 pistachios

                              2 raw carrots

                              L half a pot of natural Greek yoghurt with a spoonful of Manuka honey and a handful of nuts mixed in


                              Couple more handfuls of nuts

                              D not had yet but chicken with salad maybe a glass of wine or two.

                              Need to do better but we are out for a meal and bowling for my son's birthday. I'm not gonna stress too much but just stay off the bread that is going to be my rule of thumb I think - grains and bread!!

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