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Looking for a Newbie like me to support each other.

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  • Looking for a Newbie like me to support each other.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to MDA and going Primal. I'm looking for a friend to go through the first few months with. Someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of, moral support, etc. If you are a veteran and want to help, that would be great too!

    Gwynnda - mom of 4
    Wants to be healthy
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    Be happy to share my thoughts and what I have learned in my few months


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      I'm up for the support too. I've been bouncing back and forth from primal and back to CW again... So anyone to bounce things off of would be amazing


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        Thanks for responding you guys. I think support for a life style change is paramount.

        I've done ok so far. Lose weight, gain it and lose it again. For the first 2 weeks I don't think I was eating well enough. I used Myfitpal and went by their standard calculations. I changed my nutrients to show more fat, then protein and less carbs. I'm doing this to help me because I won't eat enough during the day. Hopefully when I'm used to this new change, I won't need it.

        If its ok with you guys, I'll add you guys as friends.

        I'm excited about the future, my blood results in particular. I have high cholesterol (274), I hope this does not make it higher. I plan on eating mostly fish, chicken and eggs. Having red meat 2 times at week at the most. I eat Costco Almonds (no salt), Olive Oil, avocados and a bit of cheese in my salads.

        What I find hard is at night after I'm done eating dinner, I feel ravenous!

        Ashley, what do you find the hardest?

        Ray, thanks...newbies can always take advice. What were/are your challenges and rewards?

        P.S., I'm about half way through Primal Blueprint.
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          I agree with you that support is paramount. That is where I'm struggling. My boyfriend is a fast food fiend (especially pizza) and although he doesn't tell me to change how I'm eating, he also thinks I'm kind of crazy for doing it. This means that daily, I am surrounded by it. I have found some small changes when we go to those places, but its more reinforcing it to myself and having the self control to say no.

          During the day I'm fairly good, usually fasting for most of the morning and then having fruits/ veggies and hard boiled eggs from my fridge but its supper/ evening time when I struggle. I get insane sugar/chocolate/carb cravings in the evenings. I'm sure playing a couple hours of tennis every day contributes to that, but its the combination of getting those cravings and then having it sitting in front of me.

          I know I'm also having trouble getting enough fats into my diet too. I've been trying to eat more avocados (sprinkled with stevia, a trick a Filipino lady I worked with showed me), but I have never liked coconut, so coconut milk and oil aren't very enticing to me.

          I noticed for me at least, that I would get way hungrier in the evenings too because it would be more from boredom/ habit than actual need. Could that maybe be the reason for why you're hungrier in the evenings? As for the friend thing, feel free to add me. I'd love to have some people on my list haha


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            Ashley, I have the same issue, it's the evening time. I'm a dark chocolate lover, so when they are really bad, I will cut 1 square of Dove Dark Chocolate in half and just let it melt, I savor every last morsel, etc...that really helps me when I just need sugar so bad and can't get around it. It's only 2.5g of carbs and 1.5g of fat, it gets me by. It's not an every night, it's once every 6 or so days.

            I've read a lot in the forum that my nighttime (hunger pains) will go away in the next week or so. My friend who turned me on to this because of my cholesterol said to eat until I'm full and to continue eating if I'm hungry again after finishing my dinner salad. I just can't bring myself to go over the 50g carbs a day. Even greens have a bit of them in there. So I drink more water or make green tea to help. I hope as someone here called it, phantom hunger will go away soon. Even stinking celery has 2 grams in a large stock. It "almost" makes me want to take a suppressant, I won't but almost.

            I feel you, my family is NOT going primal with me. I'm an influence with my 4-year old but not the other other three who are teens and NOT the husband. So, I'm on my own and I'm OK with it, yes pizza smells wonderful but my obsession with this has not wavered in almost three weeks and it's only getting stronger. I want to lose weight and be healthier too! I'm tired of being the fluffy mom.

            Do you have any hobbies you can take up in the evening? Reading, crocheting or knitting? Those help me in the evening.
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              Right now I'm trying to kick out all the processed foods. I had been doing a gluten challenge before getting tested for celiac. Turns out that I am, but I'm struggling going back gluten free again, so I figured I should take that as a first step before doing everything at once.

              You're way better than I am on the chocolate front. I'm a complete chocoholic, but I've managed to cut it down to about 3 pieces of the Dove Whole Nut Dark Chocolates. I've been trying to switch my sugar cravings to fruit, and sweeter veggies like carrots or snow peas so I'm at least having a better alternative.

              I'm thinking that the odd extra carb day may not be a total bad idea though. As long as you stay under 100g. I've found that when I get hungry in the evening, having a granny smith apple, sliced and then spread the slices with almond butter helps tons because I'm getting the protein and fats from the almond butter, plus I'm getting the sweetness and carbs from the apple.

              I agree, I've got about 10 lbs to lose but I really just want to tone up and get more muscular. I can feel the muscles there, they're just under a layer of fat haha

              Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a gamer and I've gotten fairly addicted to Netflix (too many good shows to watch!). I am a huge reader too, but I have the bad habit of reading a book in one sitting rather than spacing it out over time. I've tried blogging, but I keep getting busy with life and forgetting to post often too.

              Are you doing any forms of fitness/exercise? I've been playing 1-2 hours of tennis on most days and try to do about 20 min of body weight exercises whenever I feel the urge.


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                Exercise, I started out riding my bike for 40 min a day but was so weak and then I started gaining weight back. My friend that has been PB for a year suggested I let go of the cardio for now. She suggested I play harder with my 4-year old daughter and be active around the house. I'm really focusing on weight lose so I'm staying below 50g of carbs or lower. Not sure how long I will keep doing it. I do yard work, play, walk, clean house, dance with my girl (Wii), etc.

                I love playing games too, mine are on my phone. I play Sugar Crush, Dice and Scrabble...that' about it. Netflix, yes! So many good shows to watch. I started watching Hero's again, 2nd round.

                Monday, I plan on doing a little bit of resistance with light weights and bands. I'm trying to give my body time for this shock before I shock it again with extreme cardio. That's what my friend suggested too. I wish she had more time but she has 2 jobs.
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                  Sounds like you're still keeping very busy exercise wise! Good call on the WII too, I have a bunch of the dance games for xbox and it always surprises me how intense some of them can get without seeming like it. I'm more into shooter or trivia games. Ones that take more focus and have a few different elements to focus on.

                  Ooo, I loved Heroes. Have you watched Hemlock Grove or Supernatural? Lately I've been watching Scrubs, Caprica and Battlestar Galactica.

                  If you ever want exercises to do without equipment, body weight exercises like push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, etc., are fairly easy to do anywhere and you can do a full body workout in a matter of minutes.


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                    Oh I love Battlestar Galactica, I think I watched Caprica. Have not seen Hemlock Grove but will check it out. I'm all caught up on Supernatural and got a Hulu account to watch current season, but it only has the last 5 episodes. So I'll wait until they are on Netflix and watch the whole season. Scrubs rocks, I watch it with my 16-year old daughter. Lately we have been watching How I Met Your Mother.

                    You and my husband and step-son they love those types of games too. We love the dance game we have for the Wii, Just Dance 4, I think is what it's called. We work up a sweat, small one but it's still a sweat. I'm terrible because I have 2 left feet. My older daughters laugh at me because I don't really get two stars. Oh well, I'm having fun and that's all that matters.

                    I will give body weight a try. I'll research tonight and tomorrow on the best way to start.

                    I've been gardening all day, pulling weeds, planting flowers, roses, etc. I'm bushed.

                    I ate well today, how about you? I'm still not cheating at all. Although, I so badly want a glass or 2 of wine. But can't just yet because of the 21-day to turn my body to a fat burning machine.
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                      so, you've started the 21 day transformation?
                      True freedom is the ability to live in a way that is all life giving, not clouded by anything that contaminates body, spirit, or mind.

                      My journey:;)


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                        I will warn you, Hemlock Grove is definitely darker and a little bit more sexually explicit than some of those other shows. It takes a couple of episodes to get into, but after that its definitely easy to get into. Yeah, I "legally" cant get Hulu, but we've hacked into some of the American things on xbox so that we can use them. American Netflix has 100X more stuff than the Canadian.

                        I never used to play video games, only got into it because my bf loves to play them. Figured if I wanted to spend any time with him I'd need to learn haha You should see if they've played Happy Wars (depending on what system they use). Awww, I'm sure you're not that bad! Besides, I dont think you need to actually be good with those games since so many of the moves are just plain silly. We have Just Dance 3 and Dance Central for Xbox. My favorite songs on Just Dance 3 would have to be Barbara Streisand, Apache (Jump On It), I Dont Feel Like Dancing, and Hey Boy Hey Girl. They're all so intense and hilarious to watch people try to do. Makes for an awesome group activity thats for sure! They do have a separate sweat mode for on those games too, if you ever want to have a bit more of an intense dance.

                        If you go back to the MDA main page, there's a header about fitness and he has a guide that walks you through getting started. Personally, I do push ups, planks, normal and wide-legged squats, lunges, and dips. I want to start doing pull ups, but I dont have anywhere to put a bar at the moment.

                        Wow, sounds like you've been really busy! Do you only plant flowers, or do you have a garden for food too?

                        Today was a bit of a lazy day for me. Stayed inside for the most part and read for a while, and did lots of stuff on my laptop. We went to the gym for about an hour. I haven't been to one in a long time, so I was a little out of my element since I'm used to lifting weights rather than using the machines. I went to go use the weights, but the area was too crowded already so I went over to the empty machine side. Wow! I was surprised at the amount I could lift. For legs, I was averaging about 100 lbs and for arms I was averaging around 70-80 lbs.

                        Like I mentioned before, I'm not doing so good on the eating regularly part, so this has been my food for the day:

                        2 hard boiled eggs
                        3 hot dogs (natural, preservative free, etc) with mustard
                        1 sandwich bag full of broccoli
                        2 apricots

                        Dill pickle spitz (I've been craving more salt lately, so I only got a little bag of them)

                        I wasn't too hungry when bf wanted food, so I just got an order of fries. I'm sure I'll snack some more later tonight but thats what its been for the day today.


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                          @PrimalFreedom, yes I have. I'm day 4 of starting all over since 5/16. I had graduation parties and has a couple of beers and 2 bits of Bushes Baked Beans. The next day I felt like crap. Are you new to it? I see you joined in May too.

                          @Ashley, I ate so much more than what you did.

                          Maxwell House - Original Roast, 4 cup (I know, WAY too much) I needed it.

                          Spinach and Pork Fritatta, 1 serving
                          Celery - Fresh, Raw, Stalks, 3 med stalks
                          Sprouts - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 2 tbsp
                          Fats - Avacado - Fresh - Whole Raw, 75 g
                          Marketside - Fresh Spinach (Net Carbs) Corrected, 2 oz
                          Cucumber - Peeled, raw, 1 cup, pared, chopped 16
                          Paleo Vinaigrette Dressing, 2 serving(s)
                          Finely Shredded Colby & Montery Jack Cheese, 0.21 cup

                          Homemade -Outside Grill - Grilled Chicken - Breast, 9.4
                          Morton - Iodized Table Salt, 1/2 tsp (1.5g)
                          Frank's Red Hot - Buffalo Wing Sauce, 2 tbsp
                          Colby & Monterey Jack Block Cheese, 56 g/1 oz
                          Paleo Vinaigrette Dressing, 2 serving(s) 189
                          Fats - Avacado - Fresh - Whole Raw, 150 g
                          Marketside - Baby Spinach, Organic, 2 oz
                          Generic - Romaine Lettuce, 8 oz
                          Fresh Vegetable - Red Onion - Diced/Raw, 1/4 cup, diced
                          Sprouts - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 2 tbsp

                          Dove - Rich Dark Chocolate Squares, 1 pieces - I have not had it yet but am so going to have it...

                          1,595 - Calories
                          56g - Carbs
                          144g - Fat
                          87g - Protein
                          222mg - Choesterol
                          2,635mg - Sodium
                          21g - Sugars
                          23g -Fiber

                          I went over my totals today except for cholesterol, potassium, sugars, calcium and iron. I'm not too worried about it because since I started over, I've come in low everyday. I'm 10/20/70 (Carbs/protein/fat). I based the protein off of Marks calc. on BMI then did carbs less than 50g a day and the rest calculated to fats. I get most of them through avacado, olive oil and cheese. I'm going to start cutting down on the cheese, only 1 oz a day vs the 4 what I had today but the usual of 2 a day.

                          If this does not work, then I'll tweak it. I'm trying to stay under 50g a day but no less than 35g of carbs. I just love veggies so much that it's hard for me to not go over 50. I would eat veggies all day long if I could.

                          I will look at what Mark has to say.

                          Sorry for the personal question, but with your work outs, are you eating enough?
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                            @ PrimalFreedom, yes I'm in day 4. I started it on 5/16 but had Graduation parties, had a few beers last weekend and a few bites of baked beans. I felt sick the entire next day. Are you doing it too, if so what day are you on?

                            @ashley, I will start Monday and report back to you what I did.

                            I ate so much more than you today. I ate 1561 calories, 145g of fat, 55 carbs and 87 grams of protein. I needed the extra food today. It was 2 salads, chicken and pork and spinach frittata.

                            I love watching tv series so I will look into it.
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                              Well, I shut down my computer and was mad because all I typed was gone, then
                              I retype on phone (stats from memory) them post this one and my post from my computer was there. Stupid technology or user, probably the ladder.
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