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Looking for a Newbie like me to support each other.

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  • Never tried egg whites or just the yolks, was planning on experimenting once I was down to my goal weight just in case inflammation or side effects from eating them causes me to stall weight loss. Typically they just make me nauseous and bloated. The last time I ate them they came right back up. That was two years ago. I have also heard that if you can't eat chicken eggs, sometimes you can eat duck ones. There is someone local I think that sells duck eggs. I may try them too eventually. I really miss quiche, and crustless would still be worth it.


    • So, my weight loss is still moving but it feels like it's totally stalled out since quitting smoking. I seem to keep losing the same pound over and over again for the last week and a half. I know I'm not really officially in a plateau but it feels like one because of how much I was losing previously. Good thing is, I haven't gained more than that same pound since I quit smoking so that's something...

      I had my physical yesterday and the results are in... no cholesterol meds for me at this point!! (Like I'd take them anyway...) We're going to re-evaluate again in another 6 months to a year because although my total cholesterol is still far higher than my doc would like, everything is moving the right direction. My high/low (or is it low/high) ratio is down 2 which is really good since it was over 8 in December and my triglycerides are down by over 120-150ish to a huge, middle of normal 74! My glucose has dropped to right smack in the middle of normal as well.

      She also thinks my hot flashes and lack of sleep are due to the rapid drop in weight/cutting out all soy/strength training as much as I can and that my body just hit a temporary adjustment period so we're not looking at changing my hormone dosage and are trying some stuff to help me sleep until it passes. All in all it was a really good dr. apt yesterday.

      @PrimalFreedom - That's a good question, I think I pretty much only "play" on the weekends. I tend to think of my gym time as play because I enjoy it so much, but it doesn't really fit my definition. If I think really hard about it, I don't know that I really play much at all...

      @allymd - I think I need to get back to measuring like you are, thank you for reminding me! I tend to be majorly off in my estimations of things like how much an ounce is so even though I track what I eat I don't get the best representation of quantity and at this point I think that's my biggest eating obstacle other than getting more veggies in.
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      • Hi! I'm new too!
        I've known about the paleo diet for some time as I use to do crossfit, however I never took it serious as I felt it was unbelievable!! I'm still trying to change my mindset towards this high fat diet! I started last week so this is my first weekend on the lifestyle change.
        Sometimes I feel like what I'm eating is detrimental!
        But I definitely have noticed a change in my energy levels! I no longer get a mid morning or an afternoon slump! It's great! My main goal however is to lose weight. I have about 8kgs I need to lose. I don't mind if it takes a while, as long as I see little results!
        Anyway, great to have another newbie on the same path!


        • @raikay, those results sound wonderful! Congrats. My weight loss has stalled as well. I seem to be doing the same, loosing a pond then loosing it again. Remember that our bodies can fluctuate 4 lbs of water weight a day.

          @milba, welcome. We have a good group here and when we are on, always willing to help.
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          • bacon.jpg
            hopefully that pic attaches if it did, that is my Primal Bacon Explosion that I just popped into the oven to get ready for tomorrows Fathers Day brekkie!

            Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes - BBQ Addicts - BBQ Blog


            • Originally posted by ashleyisbister View Post
              I'm up for the support too. I've been bouncing back and forth from primal and back to CW again... So anyone to bounce things off of would be amazing
              Ok, still a relative newbie.
              What the heck is CW?

              I see it all the time here, and have no idea.
              It's probably something obvious, and I'll feel stupid for asking


              "Live Primally, Train Practically, Prepare Tactically..."


              • Hi Off Duty, CW means conventional wisdom.
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                • Hi all! Social media is challenging for me to keep up with...but..I'm done with the first week of the 21 day transformation. I certainly wasn't able to accomplish every challenge within this week, but I intend to do each one.

                  I've learned three big things:
                  1. drinking alcohol really affects my energy.
                  2. eating in on a primal foods really affect my mood and energy.
                  3. I'm so grateful to have found this program.

                  and since you more happy person and have more energy.

                  this week I am committing to:
                  1. sleeping at least 7 hours. on the days that I wake up at 4 a.m. for work, I plan to be in my bed by 830.
                  2. I will not drink alcohol on weekdays. Maybe Friday only.

                  thanks for the accountability

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                  • Originally posted by Gwynnda View Post
                    @raikay, those results sound wonderful! Congrats. My weight loss has stalled as well. I seem to be doing the same, loosing a pond then loosing it again. Remember that our bodies can fluctuate 4 lbs of water weight a day.

                    @milba, welcome. We have a good group here and when we are on, always willing to help.
                    Good Morning Gwynnda
                    You still stalled on weight?
                    If you are at your % goals for (20 % protein or no more than 100grams / day and (5 to 10 % carbs) you may want to look at your exercise to total calories
                    Calories are not critical (if your % are close)
                    if your working out like a crazy woman you may be under eating, causing your metabolism to slowdown or drop your core temp to preserve your energy.
                    If your not working out like a crazy woman you may try to back off of total calorie intake for a week or so to see if you start losing again.....
                    You might also try a intermittent fast day of lets say an 16 hour fast i.e. finish your evening meal by 7:00 tonight and don't eat again until 11:00 tomorrow. You can take coconut oil during your fast to help with hunger / energy management and Black Coffee (no cream or stevia). If you can manage this feeding schedule it may break your stall and it also helps to change body composition by making fat stores available for energy for longer periods during the day........

                    Just a couple of ideas


                    • @Ray, thanks for the ideas. I'm pretty much sedentary right now and steady with a total of 6 - 7.5 lbs lost. I fluctuate and only weighted myself once a week. It's keeps me from getting down and I'm not obsessive about it anymore. I also stopped entering my food into MyFitPal. I found I was being OVERLY obsessive, constantly in there fixing my ratios to be perfect for lunch and dinner. That was driving me crazy. Once I quit doing that, I was not hungry all the time, it was really strange. I'd be OK during the day but at night when I would close down, I knew I was not getting enough calories with working out and then all of a sudden I'd be hungry again. Crazy. Also, I've changed my focus from rapid weigh loss primary and health secondary to just eating correctly. I know the portions I need now and know what they look like, if I'm unsure, I measure or weigh. Still very primal. Not cheating at all and its weird but don't want too either. So to me that's a positive step. There is one thing I want so bad every now and then and that's an Oreo Cookie Blizzard. I get 1/2 the Oreo cookie mix in it, so yummy. We get them usually every year around June and then before school starts. It's only twice a year but for some reason, I want it so bad this year.

                      I've been working in my store to get items listed. They raised my selling limits. It takes a long time to do that. So that's what I've been concentrating on the last week now. In between that time, I play with my daughter. She does her school work on ABC Mouse while I work and we work side by side. We listen to Pandora radio and I have her hooked on 80's music.

                      Today, I need to finish a box of magazines, then start making outdoor patio cushions my puppy shredded last summer. She will be 2 this October, she is a sweet dog but a chewer. Then tomorrow and Friday will I will be in the yard again. We live next to a walk way and the HO Association does not control the weeks. My oldest daughters Graduation Party is this weekend. So I'll be busy, cleaning every crack in the house, baseboards, etc. Next week, I will be able to resume my workout schedule. I know this is a lot of detail but I've been very busy and a bit crazy trying to get everything done. I want her party to be perfect.

                      I have not really been on MDA since I wrote to Off Duty.

                      I hope everyone is doing well!

                      @Primal, you seem to be doing just fine in the social media department to me. My husband and I have a group of friends we get together with one weekend night and it's hard not to want to drink. Before going Primal, we would all pitch in for a keg (kept at our friends house) and on the weekend have a few. Since going primal, I've only drank twice now. Tomorrow I start my 6th week. Last weekend was my 2nd time and I had red wine. I love red wine. But when it's hot out, there is nothing better than an ice cold beer.

                      Have a wonderful week everyone and see you all next week, If I have time, I'll pop in before then.
                      Happiness &
                      "add a food"


                      • I'd like to join... I'm still reading through the posts and it's all very inspiring.

                        I've been primal and then fallen off the bandwagon and I'm jumping back on. I still remained gluten free (95% of the time) because I'm very gluten sensitive but just short of celiac. I need to drop 15-20 lbs to be truly healthy again. I'm not obese but I'm at 31% BF and I don't like the way I look. It's great to see this group and I'm really looking forward to following everyone's progress!


                        • @bellin.... welcome you will love this! I'm down about 5 pounds in 3 weeks, and I'm really working on stopping benching and any weekday drinking alcohol. these two things together, with a primal diet, has resulted in 2 pounds this week.

                          my energy is amazing... attitude even more positive... all the rough patches and getting started are worth it. use this form for support ;-)
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                          True freedom is the ability to live in a way that is all life giving, not clouded by anything that contaminates body, spirit, or mind.

                          My journey:;)


                          • Hey all! Its been a while since i posted on here, but I've been fairly busy lately. About 4-5 days ago I got a really bad sunburn (accutane and 2 hours playing tennis in 30C weather don't mix very well), I've been laying off tennis for a while and found my new favorite thing... Weight lifting! Its been years since I've lifted and I cant believe how much I missed it. I just went and got myself a 3 month gym membership, and so far today is day 2. Man do I feel the burn! I plan on going to the gym 5 days a week, but my workouts don't usually take me more than 20-30 min to complete. I'll spend one day doing about 90 min of yoga to just stretch out and relax after the week of lifting and then take the last day for rest.

                            Here are my workouts for the last 2 days:
                            Chest and Back
                            -5 min on the elliptical @ 150 strides per minute
                            3 sets of 10 reps:
                            Lat Pulldown = 90 lbs
                            Bench press = 90 lbs
                            Seated Row = 70 lbs
                            Dumbbell flys = 35 lbs

                            3 Sets of 10 reps:
                            Squats= 30lb bar
                            Thigh Adductor= 80 lbs
                            Lying Leg Curl= level 4 (they didn't have a weight listed)
                            Leg Extensions= 50 lbs
                            Sitting Calf Raises= 80 lbs
                            Leg Press= 140 lbs

                            I realized that doing the whole 30 was making things way more difficult for me... so I stopped doing it. I tweaked my diet a little bit to help me out in the muscle gain department, so I'm bringing white rice back. I'm keeping it at 1 cup max a day, but its a cheap and easy source of carbs, which makes it way easier to eat stir-frys and such. I know I should be eating way more sweet potatoes instead, but the baby food sweet potatoes were disgusting... and my bf's family has only cerated knives so it takes me a good 2 hours to peel and slice 2 sweet potatoes... I've looked at buying frozen bags of them, but I cant seem to find any here, all the stores seem to have are white potatoes, so I'm considering using those instead, even though there wont be much for nutritional value. I've also started taking 2 scoops of Promasil protein powder a day too.
                            Protein: 100-120
                            Carbs: 100-120
                            Fat: 50-60g

                            I'm aiming for the higher number for my macros a day, but it isn't always attainable. On a plus side, I weighed myself at the gym this morning, and in the last 2 weeks I've lost 7 lbs!!! It could be partially from water weight, and also because I went and worked out without eating, but still. I've noticed my body is starting to tone up. I don't have a measuring tape around so I'm not too sure what my BF% is at now, but when I started it was at 25%. I'm so excited

                            @Bellin.... Welcome I'm sure you're going to love this group and hopefully we can help give you the motivation to succeed. Just my two cents worth, but if you want to help speed the process along, take up some heavy lifting. Not only will it help tone your body and use up some of the fat stores, it will also help you psychologically. It will give you something to do with your time vs doing your usual standby's (mine was obsessive snacking at night), and it will reinforce that you are doing something for YOU that's a step in the right direction. Plus, once you start lifting, it will make it harder for you to eat or do things against getting stronger since you've just worked out how hard.

                            I know for me, going to the gym almost gives me a high that I haven't been able to find many other places. Today I did squats with a barbell in front of a mirror and watching my form, how hard I was working and near the end how much I was fighting to finish the sets, makes it all worth it to me. One thing my parents always wanted me to learn was that no matter what you do, you NEVER get something because you "deserve" it. You get something because you worked your ass off and earned it. When I go to the gym, I know that when I walk out of there with my muscles shaking, I've earned every second of how my body is going to look, and I don't want to ruin that by eating something that's going to set me further back. It gives me more motivation to keep going forwards.

                            Sorry for that little bit of a rant.. Couldn't help myself


                            • Ashley, that's fantastic that you've found such motivation! I've been doing yoga every other day working my strength up to being able to do more. I have a really log commute to work so fitting in long walks at times other than the weekend is difficult. I agree with what your parents taught you. You don't get things because you think you deserve them.

                              Gwyn, have you looked into hard cider as an option to replace beer on a hot day?


                              • @Bell... Hmm... Are you able to walk at all during breaks or lunch hours? If you're in an office scenario, are you able to bring in an exercise ball to sit on instead of a chair (one of my docs does this to work muscles during the day)?

                                So not sure if its just water weight, but from friday to this morning I've lost another 4 lbs... So in the last 2 weeks, I've lost 11 lbs... This seems a little excessive to me, especially since I've been having an intake anywhere between 1000-2000 cal a day...