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Looking for a Newbie like me to support each other.

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    Hi, I would like to join the newbie club! I also agree about the whole support thing! I started this on the 27th of May, I did some post in the journal area, etc. but felt like I was mostly talking to myself... mostly. I did get a few replies--- but it would be nice to check in with each other that are in the same boat as me. I need you guys.

    I was also doing, but one; I didn't know you can adjust the amounts of fats and carbs and two, the idea of weighing my food kind of bothers me. It begins to feel more like a diet. However, with that said, I too would like to keep my carbs low and I don't want to over eat either. I personally love to eat and I can eat in volume, soooo I am tossing it around again whether I should weigh and measure??? Guess it would be easier if someone said, it so many cups of low carb veggies a day, this many pieces of or cups of fruit, so many table spoons of fat (like oil) and eat your protein until for full.

    I have been eating eggs with a little cheese and peppers in the a.m. and meat and veggies at lunch and dinner. I will have greek yogurt for a snack and like today I ate 3 pieces of fruit. I was hungry today. It's getting to be that time for me and I am always even more hungrier about "this time".

    I am 5'5'' and weigh a unfit 145. I would like to drop between 10 and 20 pounds. I wouldn't even mind toning up what I do have. I am grateful that I find an athletic build sexy and realistic, at least for this gal. Eating the way I was put lots of weight on me and fast, there is nothing athletic going on now that's for sure!

    Like I said. I started this on the 27th, however the last couple of days weren't so great. I love, LOVE sugar and I ate some sugary items, not even because I was craving them, but because they were there. Today was a much better day--- mostly primal. All but the salad kit I bought. Oh, and artificial sweetener I used in my coffee. Speaking of coffee, for now I am going to continue using half and half in my coffee, I do not want to be using artificial sweeteners though.

    I currently do not have the book. I am somewhat familiar with it, and familiar with this lifestyle. I know he says for weight loss 50g of carbs, WHAT are his suggestions for fat? And protein didn't he say 12oz in a day???

    Okay, guess that's enough from me for now. Hope this works out! Look forward to hearing back from you and all that care to help us along this path!



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      Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I haven't eaten enough today, but I also have a bunch of food laid out on the table in front of me. I make sure to have a bunch of snack foods in the fridge so that if I get hungry I can still eat them without having to heat them up at night (hard boiled eggs, fruit, veggies, cheese, nuts, etc). I also thought it might be a good idea to cut down on the amount today since tomorrow we're going to a rib night fundraiser for his dads baseball team... I'm going to be getting plenty of carbs there, so I figured between the two days it would even out. Plus I have a steak in the fridge to eat tomorrow morning.

      @shonieb33: Welcome I did notice in your story that you and I seem fairly similar. I'm 5'1, 118 lbs and am looking to lose between 10-20 lbs of fat/ gain muscle. I know lots of people on here like, but I prefer as it allows you to customize the grams of carbs, fats, protein, etc that you want to consume daily, plus it also tracks your water intake.

      Most of the information that is in the book is already on the website through his postings and definitive guides. For protein, he says to have at least .7 grams per pound of lean body mass. If you're more active or trying to gain muscle after you've lost fat, to increase that to about a 1 gram per pound. To figure out your lean body mass, there are some pretty decent online calculators that only need you to use a measuring tape.
      As for the carb thing, you're a little off. He says if you have tons of fat to lose, or want to boost your weight loss, to stay under 50g of carbs a day, but thats for a short amount of time. If you stay under 100g, you will still lose weight, just at a slower and more normal pace. If you're fairly active or working out lots, you should be adding another 100g of carbs for every extra hour of activity.
      As for fat, you basically need to supplement the rest of your dietary intake from fat, after you've accounted for the veggies and protein.

      Here are my stats:
      Lean Muscle Mass: 88lbs (roughly 27% BF)
      Protein: 65-100g
      Carbs: I'm choosing to stay around 100g. I try to let my body tell me if I need more or not on days I've been more active.
      Fat: 28-100g


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        Sorry I have been busy and not checked the MDA blogs
        Absolutely friend me on MFP and you can see my initial eating patterns.

        Challenges for me are mainly keeping my protein levels under 100 grams a day I am not a big sugar craver but fresh hot chips and good salsa are my heroine so I HAVE LEARNED TO NOT LET THEM BE PUT ON THE TABLE.
        Sounds like you may need to do a pantry / fridge clean to get rid of your trigger foods. Another thing that will help you feel satisfied is coconut oil and its a great source of fat that helps with your energy levels while your body is converting from using carbs / sugar as fuel to burning fat.

        It's very important to look at labels or use the scanner tool on MFP to get accurate carb counts and be HONEST with your intake. There is a lot of back and forth on total carbs vs net carbs but at the end of the day a carb is a carb and I don't subtract the fiber

        If you have the time get "the art and science of low carbohydrate living" and read it. It will give you a lot of science / information
        And / or Gary Taubes "good calories bad calories"


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          @shonieb33, hi and welcome. I can tell you that for the first couple of days it was hard but it does get easier. As an example; I loved and I saw loved beer. I had 1 last weekend (only being primal for 1 and a 1/2 weeks), I did not like the taste of it anymore. Prior to going primal.

          As for the macro-nutrient count in myfitpal, click on Home, then Goals, then Change Goals, click Custom radio button and then Continue. Because I'm not active as much as I want to be, Ashley is inspiring me to be , I use the .5 to calculate my protein, which gives me just below 80g a day, then I adjusted my carbs to be below 50. I hope that helps.

          Before going to the forum, my friend who has been doing this for a year told me to eat if I'm hungry. I log everything into myfitpal because if I don't I'm not confident in myself that I will get everything I need. I might be over or under. I want a good mix.

          As for ketosis, I'm in it right now and have been for the past 4-days. I've lost 5lbs already, since restarting the 21-day challenge (except yesterday I was over 50g a day). But I worked in the yard non stop almost. Like Ray, I don't "Net" my carbs, that's Adkins, not PB.

          Coffee was hard to switch to black, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nestle Coffee Mate French Vanilla, it is gluten free but there are 5g of sugar per tsbp. It takes me 4 tsbp to get it to where I like it. That's not worth it to me so I'm drinking it black and I like it.

          What I learned these last 2.5 weeks is make sure you get your fat in because I did not and I had issues with the fiber I was eating and not enough "grease to lube the tubes" if you get my drift. I was miserable and it was so painful that I had to drink Magnesium Citrate to clean my gut out.

          Also, have you started with Mark in the "Start Here" on the Home page? Read a lot of that and the links because it's almost exactly what I'm reading in the book.

          @Ray, can I have a piece of Dark Chocolate in my first 21-days? I did last night! If I can't, do I need to start the calendar over again. I tried to search in the forum but could not find it. Mark says "moderation" for red wine and chocolate in book but I don't see if it's w/in the first 21-days or after. I'm on chapter 5.

          What is your name in myfitpal?

          @ashley, can't wait to start tomorrow, today I'm still planting flowers in the front yard and landscaping. I wish I had a garden but my 2-year old Husky will dig it up. She did last year, then she started going to the bathroom in my garden. So, I'll have to wait until maybe next year.

          My stats since starting and restarting again (same start weight, how weird) 183
          Today 177.5.
          Happiness &
          "add a food"


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            @Gwynnda, thanks so my much about the info on myfitnpal--- maybe I'll try that. I'm not as active either, at least not on a regular basis.

            Question, how many grams of fat do you use?

            Anywhooo, moving slow this a.m., I will check back in later.

            Have a super Primal day!
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              MFP same as here raydweger email is ray.weger@gmail

              Chocolate is as follows DARK CHOCOLATE @ 70% cacao or better I use special dark at 100% cacao and sometimes I will sweeten it with stevia (liquid is better as it has no added stuff)

              You can try a tsp of cocoa with a few drops of stevia plus vanilla extract &/or cinnamon with your coffee but if you have learned to drink it black that is best and the least work......

              Coffe actually helps your body mobilize fat so a few cups are a good thing..... I am a long time coffee fiend and have never had issues with it....

              If you want to treat yourself take a cup of good coffee ad a tsp of dark cocoa, few drops of stevia, 2 tbsp of heavy cream 1 tbsp of vanilla extract into a blender with ice for a mid meal treat. You can also add a tbsp of virgin olive oil for more fat .......

              One more thing make sure you minimize omega 6 oils and get a top quality omega 3 fish oil and omega 3 eggs
              If your not a big fish eater like me take approx 2 to 3 grams of the fish oil and eggs are my GO TO SNACK / food

              Be sure and add sodium to your daily diet you need 2 to 3 grams / day if your in NK ( if you have blood pressure issues do some research first)


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                I am on the custom ratio on myfitpal and it doesn't like the ratios I am trying to put in. It automatically changes it. Did this happen to you?


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                  Figure your current BMR and use that mostly to figure your %s
                  Calories are not that important so don't get to wrapped up in them at the end of the day % ratios are far more important. If your wanting to loose weight and your aiming for NK keep your carbs under 50grams & protein under 100 grams.


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                    ANYONE UP FOR A 21-day official re-start? TOMORROW? MONDAY?

                    I am 5'5" and 140...24% and looking to just feel my best (tighter would be great), but really I would simply like to improve my relationship with food (i.e. decrease emotional eating, etc.) and decrease SUGAR!

                    I've been 80% primal for 3 weeks and feeling much energy and seeing my reliance on emotional eating decrease significantly.

                    I am on MFP

                    and...I use:
                    PROTEIN: 100 g. or so
                    CARB: 100 g.
                    Fat: whatever, but usually 70-80 g (I think)
                    I really just try to get in my protein and keep a close eye on carbs

                    True freedom is the ability to live in a way that is all life giving, not clouded by anything that contaminates body, spirit, or mind.

                    My journey:;)


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                      I am on the custom ratio on myfitpal and it doesn't like the ratios I am trying to put in. It automatically changes it. Did this happen to you?


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                        @Primal, lets go. I'm on day 5 and the only thing I did was have 1 square of Dark Chocolate last night. So, I don't think that will be too bad, I won't starting tomorrow for the next 21-days. And we have to do some type of exercises. As Ashlesy said earlier in the thread, I'm going to use my body weight. Lunges, squats, push-ups, dips, etc. I'm going to start off slow tomorrow and see how I feel the next day. Then I can judge how much I can do. I know push-ups will be "girly" ones. I'm a wimp up top but my legs are pretty strong.

                        @shonie, that happened to me before and it's because my computer or internet stalled before it saved the changes, so when you save, make sure you see the red comment that your changes have been saved. You can conquer emotional eating, we are here for you. It's hard, mine was licorice. I don't miss it anymore. It's strange to me.

                        @Ray, thanks for the help, I know I appreciate it. I'm good with just the black coffee now. I really like it black, it took a while.

                        I'm so glad you guys answered this thread because I had so many views before Ray and Ashley responded. I really did not want to do this alone. It's nice to talk to you guys,

                        OK, going back to the yard, I have 4 more things and they are big that I have to plant.
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                        "add a food"


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                          Glad to help
                          I have going through a lot of different lines of thought the the last few weeks but have landed on going back to VLC less than 30 grams, with proteins around 135 grams that will put me just under a gram per pound of lbm and with my total fat intake at roughly 80 percent

                          I am restarting this,today so the 21 day thing sounds good to me

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                            So I put out a thread asking if anyone wants to start the 21-day transformation officially June 10th (in order to get the materials/research) needed.

                            I am soo new to social media that I have no idea how to link back to a thread....ugh! Did you see that post?
                            True freedom is the ability to live in a way that is all life giving, not clouded by anything that contaminates body, spirit, or mind.

                            My journey:;)


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                              Actually, the 21- day sounds good to me too. Count me in!

                              @Gwynnda I know it seems more beneficial to do "girly" push ups, but one thing my bf showed me is that even if YOU think you cant, or arent strong enough, your body is capable of doing almost anything. Its your mind that is holding you back. Try doing as many full push ups as you can, rather than doing the half ones. It will be more of a full body workout, plus it will make your arms stronger from having to lift your body rather than just half like the others. Also one thing I learned the other day, if you do rounds for your workouts, you will always be able to do more than you thought. I saw one of the WOW's on here, cant remember the name, but it had to do with 500. Basically, you pick 4-5 exercises and you have to do a total combined rep of 500 between all the exercises. I chose to do push ups, dips, planks, lunges and squats. I made sure I did at least 50 of each, and I timed myself. I also did each round to fail, so basically my arms were shaking and I couldn't do another without my body giving out.

                              Round One:
                              12 push-ups
                              60 squats
                              40 lunges (20 each leg)
                              2 min plank
                              12 dips

                              Round Two:
                              12 pushups
                              60 squats
                              40 lunges
                              2 min plank
                              13 dips

                              Round Three
                              26 pushups
                              70 squats
                              50 lunges
                              2 min plank
                              25 dips

                              When it came to round 3, I wanted to give up. I was already sweaty and tired by that point, but I wanted to prove that my willpower was strong enough to finish it. I also didn't want to do another round after this one. As cliche as it sounds, I turned on "Till I Collapse" by Eminem and kept it on repeat until I finished the third round. During the pushups, I took a few seconds resting with my arms straight and then I kept going until I finished all 26. It just shows me that the mindset change from "this hurts, I cant do any more" to "I can do this, only have to make it to 26, I"m at 10, just need to do 5 more, almost there, etc".

                              As for today, so far I'm sitting at 25g carbs, 57g protein, and 73g fat.


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                                @Primalfreedom Which board did you post it in? I'll see if I can find a way to link it onto here for you

                                Edit: I found the posting. If you want to link back to it, you can go to your profile, and on the right hand side it will list all the postings you've made. Click on the 21 day one. Then once you're on that page, there should be a gray bar between the thread name and your first posting. On that gray bar, there are a bunch of titles with drop down menus. Click on the link back menu, and the first one listed should be link back url. I'm thinking that's the one that you'll want.
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