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Introduction & how to stay primal for 30 days in a hotel in rural New Mexic

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  • Introduction & how to stay primal for 30 days in a hotel in rural New Mexic

    I've been following the primal blueprint for 6 weeks and 5 days so far. I'm a 5'1" 121 lb 44 year old female. So far I've lost about 7 lbs and feel great. My clothes all have gotten quite loose. GI issues that I'd taken as "normal" are completely gone. I'm pretty active - I run and/or walk ~20+ miles per week most weeks plus primal basic exercises. Since going primal I walk a bit more. In August-September I will be spending about 6 weeks in a hotel in rural New Mexico for work. Store (one small grocery with reported "inedible" produce) and restaurant (2 restaurant, both mexican) options are very limited. I expect to have at best a microwave, a refrigerator, and a two-burner cooktop (possibly no cooktop). I'm looking for suggestions of what I can eat and how I can stay as primal as possible in this situation. Currently my typical diet is
    Breakfast: an egg, fruit mixed with plain whole milk yogurt, and coffee - can probably keep this in NM.
    Lunch: lettuce wrap with cheese & meat inside, fruit, carrots, & nuts or seeds. - may be difficult in NM
    Dinner: salad, two veggies, and meat - may be difficult in NM.
    Snack: dark chocolate, occasional red wine or (non-primal) beer.

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    Are there other nearby towns/cities you could go to on days off in order to buy foods? This sounds like your best bet.
    If you can confirm a cooktop, a couple of pans would be good things to have.
    Maybe do a steak and eggs challenge?


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      What is a steak and eggs challenge? Remember I'm a newbie. I will be able to occasionally go to other towns to stores, but it will be sporadic. We will be trying to get our experiment ready to fly, so that takes priority over days off. I'm also looking for ideas of minimally processed foods that will keep for several days since my store runs will be few and far away.


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        There's a few topics on the nutrition forum, where people are having steak and eggs for every meal, for weight loss or muscle gain, maybe both (not paying too much attention to them) for a month.

        I couldn't do it, so I suggested that in jest.

        Your best bet is probably to just stock up when you can. Maybe you can get a small chest freezer, one of those dorm types or something, into your room?